Intelligent Invoice Processing

A Pay-As-You-Use Service

Start using Intelligent invoice automation in weeks.

If you're manually handling invoices there's an overwhelming opportunity to streamline your accounts payable process.

Our Pay-As-You-Use intelligent invoice processing service is unique, setting new standards for simplicity and automation. It delivers this by combining artificial and human intelligence as well as advanced automation, to achieve some of the highest levels of speed and accuracy as well as one of the lowest total cost per invoice. Our service automates invoice processing, checks, data entry and eliminates errors. And, this Pay-As-You-Use service offers you choice- – it can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, depending on your business needs.

It frees you and your team to continue to interact with the process – to raise and approve an order requisition, or an approval process for example -  while our service takes care of the mundane and very labour intensive aspects of it, such as invoice data extraction, verification, and matching.

We believe that Digital Transformation doesn’t need to be slow or painful. Our Intelligent Invoice Processing Service can be deployed in less than 30 days; no installation with minimal configuration and integration requirements.  Our invoice processing and automation consultants will work closely with you to understand your finance management needs. They will map the existing processes, identify gaps and provide a comprehensive proposal focusing on your people, your processes and technology.

This means you can transition to the new service, transform how you process invoices and be fully trained within weeks.

Intelligent Invoice Processing

Intelligent Invoice Processing

See How Intelligent Invoice Processing can benefit your organisation

Offers choice – can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise depending on your business requirements

Remove manual entry, intervention and inefficiencies, with a fully-automated pay-as-you use intelligent invoice processing service

Unlock your true potential, speed up processing and liberate staff to perform value-add tasks 

No capital investment and flexible pay-as-you use options

A unique combination of artificial and human intelligence delivers new levels of accuracy and automation in data capture and processing

Deploys in less than 30 days; no installation with minimal integration requirements

No IT expertise required- we manage the solution including integration

Integrates with your existing finance systems

Built-in tracking and archiving capabilities for compliance and fraud prevention

Out of the box service, which can be tailored to your requirements