Book Publishing

New on-demand technology your customers will love

Create new revenue through on-demand printing

The print landscape has changed and print providers can benefit from moving into the on-demand book publishing market. As a digital print shop with on-demand publishing, you can produce a range of bound documents even in tiny print runs. This lets you tap into markets that may have once been unprofitable. Giving you a potentially huge business opportunity and a new revenue source.

If you're looking to move into digital printing or expand your existing operations, Konica Minolta's AccurioPress print hardware is perfect for you. It will give you the ability to handle a wide range of essential digital printing services and applications. You'll be able to make tiny print runs possible and profitable. And with a shorter time to market for book publishing, it will lower the cost of publishing.

Why your customers want on-demand book publishing:

  • Makes self-publishing in small print runs possible and feasible
  • Shortens time to market
  • Lowers the cost of publishing
  • Does away with the cost of storing printed books

How you benefit from on-demand publishing:

  • New source of revenue
  • Broad job potential: books, calendars, magazines, photo albums, etc.
  • More intensive use of existing printing capabilities, e.g. inline finishing functions

Boost your sales revenues and broaden your portfolio through on-demand book publishing.

Book Publishing

Book Publishing

The future of book publishing

On-demand publishing is a high-growth sector that’s been created out of technology developments in digital print. It make self-publishing possible for your customers, as you can now offer small print runs and a shorter time to market for their books. It also lowers the cost of publishing, and small print runs do away with the cost of storing printed books.

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Want the ultimate in digital print production performance? Our production printing hardware offers revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output, pro-quality inline finishing options and more to meet your complex job specifications. .

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Explore the countless different ways in which our software can help improve your operations. We can match different working styles and offer software solutions to meet the needs of your industry.

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Why on-demand is so in demand

On-demand publishing offers a wide range of benefits. By broadening your ability to print books, calendars, magazines, photo albums and more, it creates a potentially vast new source of revenue. With on-demand publishing, you will enjoy the following benefits:



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Short learning curve

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Lets authors self-publish

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Extends your range of print products and print services

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Creates ready-made print products, including book binding and folding, with no need for extra manual steps

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Lets you offers calendars, books and other media

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Makes small book print runs profitable

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Minimises print preparation costs

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Minimises print preparation costs

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Introduces a highly efficient production process

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Saves materials, time and money