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Is your business looking to add additional IT Technical headcounts without the headaches?

UK businesses are facing complex, wide-ranging technical challenges – and many don’t have the expertise, the budget, or the time to handle them properly.

A recent YouGov research of small & medium businesses in the UK reveals that sourcing expertise for technical roles is becoming even more challenging. There is a compelling business case for small & medium businesses to seek remote talent for their technical support and IT development projects.

Are you facing any of these challenges?
  • Lack of talent, lack of budget, resources.
  • Complicated hiring and retention processes.
  • Are you are looking to remove internal overhead and running costs?
  • Trying to scale back heavy internal management operations?
  • Not able to improve performance and scale at speed?
Konica Minolta’s outsourced IT services addresses these challenges and provides you with a quick, reliable and cost-effective alternative for hiring and operating high performing IT Technical Experts and IT Service Consultants

Benefits of IT Technical Expertise & IT Support

Our partnerships are earned through the results we deliver and the consultation we provide.

Scale operations up or down at speed.

Quick, reliable and cost-effective alternative for hiring and operating IT specialists.

Increase your operational visibility.


Increased performance to drive forward your business.

Guaranteed & significant reductions in costs.


Flexible and Scalable IT Expertise Services to Suit You

Konica Minolta’s outsourced IT Services can support your business operations, tailored to your requirements – from expert advice and managed IT services to specific tasks or entire IT projects as a service.

IT Resource functions include:

  • IT Developer
  • Quality Assurance tester
  • Web developer
  • IT security specialist
  • Computer programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • Network engineer
  • Software engineer
  • User Experience designer
  • Data scientist
  • Senior Developer
  • Project developer

Technical Support functions include:

  • IT Support Technician
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Helpdesk Technician
  • Website Editor
  • Helpdesk Consultant
  • Webmaster
  • Web applications Developer
  • Service Desk Agent Level 2 (QA & Test Engineer) MITS

Other functions:

  • Advice, skills/ resources, tasks, or your entire IT operation delivered as a service.
  • Dedicated IT developers, working full time on your projects.
  • Fully customisable Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), aligned IT service desks based on industry and leading IT service platforms i.e., ServiceNow.
  • IT Technical Helpdesks – customer or internal.
  • End user or IT admin support via chat, email, phone, self-service backed by our 24/7/365 multi-lingual IT support helpdesks.
  • Hardware & software support and provisioning as a service including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft 365 migrations & support.
  • IT consulting & optimisation services – project, adhoc or as a managed service.
  • Incident Management levels 1, 2 & 3 backed by expert and accredited Technical IT support.
  • A complete 360° suite of IT support and management capabilities including 24/7/365 proactive IT monitoring, management and security including status & alerts, patching, Anti-Virus, back-up & recovery, AD, identity & password management & reset requests, email & web filtering, asset management, IT security & data compliance health check scans, database & application management, etc.

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We needed an outsourcing solution that was very scalable and allowed us to add a lot of people on quickly. We hired 15 people with Konica Minolta in two weeks. We didn’t believe that was going to work but it did. Now we have 23 agents working for us and there have been no complications at all. That’s been the biggest win for us.

Dan Rose

CEO of Paperflow

IT Technical Expertise & IT Support Brochure

Konica Minolta’s outsourced IT Services can support your business operations, tailored to your requirements – from expert advice and managed IT Services to specific tasks or entire IT projects as a service.

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In today’s job market finding experienced people in IT and Support related roles can be a real challenge. You are most likely competing with many other companies for the same talent and paying a hefty premium for the people you are hiring.

Our team of experts can hire, and host dedicated high-performing IT Technical Support Specialists at a fraction of the cost and time to achieve this in-house. These agents work as a fully integrated extension to your team.

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