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Here at Konica Minolta we recognise that the NHS faces significant, often opposing, challenges. From overhauling the patient experience and reducing operating costs through to operational targets, compliance and changes in regulation. All with ever decreasing budget and resources. We believe that technology can be used by the NHS to help transform what they do and how they do it in order to respond to these challenges. We believe in digital health solutions.
Our focus is on data and information, systems and services. We work with our NHS customers to ensure information flows efficiently and securely. But we also work with them to improve the patient experience and patient journey. We offer a range of solutions to help improve operational efficiency, security and safety whilst also improving patient care. From cyber security, managed IT and print services to Augmented Reality and IP Video solutions.
Digital transformation across the NHS isn’t about rip and replace. It’s about using digital technology to make a difference. Finding solutions that help you change how you work, improve the services you provide and rise to the challenge of balancing increased demand with reduced resources.

Our solutions  for the NHS include

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Rethink technology supporting NHS

IP Video Solutions

Intelligent video solutions that can redefine NHS operations, processes and security as well as improve patient safety. Use cases include early detection systems for specific conditions or incidences like strokes.

Facial recognition can monitor where consultants and surgeons are in order to adapt schedules if they are delayed or not on–site. Body temperature can be monitored to initiate certain processes if someone has a fever. All this as well as improved safeguarding of patients, staff and physical assets.

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Rethink Video Technology

How can IP Video Solutions be used by the NHS



Use Augmented Reality (AR) to improve patient wayfinding by transforming hospital, clinic or GP surgery signage into a personalised 3D experience; you can also use AR to reimagine staff training.
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Workplace Hub

An all-in-one IT solution perfect for GP practices. Removes the need for separate servers, firewalls, routers and WiFi hub. All the IT you need in one device, set-up and fully managed for you so no need for on-site IT expertise. One supplier, one contract, one bill.

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Simplify your IT with Workplace Hub

​Imagine technology built around you, enabling you to work as you want. Working for you—on your terms. Free. Empowered. Connected. All-in-one platform IT. Sounds good? It is.

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Managed Print

Print consultancy services, hardware and software to standardise and optimise your print environment.
Helps you reduce costs, improve processes and increase security as well as be more sustainable.



 Managed IT

Outsource the day-to-day in order to reduce costs and improve security, leaving your IT teams to focus on value-add work, innovation and transformation projects.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Streamlining mission-critical processes and reducing costs

Konica Minolta's tailor-made managed print and content management strategy has enabled South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust (SET) to streamline mission-critical processes, improve the security of patient information and reduce costs.

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IT Health-check

Providing visibility and cost savings across their print fleet

Southport & Ormskrik NHS Trust engaged with Konica Minolta’s Optimised Print Services (OPS) Business Consultants to provide transparency into its entire print estate, and identify how it could improve day-to-day tasks to become more proficient and reduce costs.

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Southern Health & Social Care Trust


Improving the patient journey – the four benefits of improved patient wayfinding

Improving the patient journey – the four benefits of improved patient wayfinding

19. Mar 2020