You can buy from us through  frameworks

Konica Minolta is listed on a number of UK Frameworks as part of our commitment to public sector buyers, with benefits including cost savings, faster procurement, and compliance, as well as full continuity of parts, consumables and accessories throughout the contract.

Which specific frameworks are most appropriate for you will vary according to which part of the public sector you work in and (in some cases) where in the United Kingdom you are based. For advice on which framework is best for you, please get in touch or (if you’re already a customer) speak to your Account Manager.

Why purchase through a framework?

Framework agreements are set up to enable public sector organisations to buy products and services more cost effectively and more easily. They represent a preferred way for the public sector to buy technology services in order to benefit from:

  • Cost savings — through economies of scale and access to exclusive public sector rates

  • Faster procurement — by avoiding market searches and lengthy negotiations, and working with pre-vetted suppliers and simple contracting

  • Peace of mind — framework suppliers have been assessed by experts to ensure they’re well resourced, knowledgeable and accredited

  • Compliance – frameworks are binding agreements that hold suppliers to account, so what gets promised gets delivered

  • Continuity — parts, consumables and accessories are guaranteed to be available throughout the contract duration


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