Ready to utilise software robots
for manual tasks?

Want tailored solutions to help manage
your IT?

Ready for simplified IT management
in one location?

Need real time business data in
easy to understand formats?

Need help to review & adapt your
business processes?

Want end-to end management
of documents & processes?

Need better controls & management of contracts?

Want more visibility & control over
inbound mail?

Looking for an improved HR
management platform?

Want to go paperless & update your
data management?

Ready to automate invoices &
accounts payable?

Want to find your files quickly
with enterprise search?

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Need safe & secure data on all your
print devices?

Want to reduce time spent on print management?

Need centralised print, from any location?

Time to get cloud printing for employees
on the move?

Need to know who is printing what,
and when?

Time for flexible apps in all your
office devices?

Need to monitor your print activities
& cut costs?

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Want on-demand print capability
for increased revenues?

Need to ensure colour consistency
& quality?

Time to expand your range of products
& services?

Ready to innovate with state of the art
inkjet technology?

Want improved print quality control &
reduced costs?

Looking to move to a digital label press?

Need an easy way to make last minute
print job edits?

Want to control & manage your print
jobs in one place?

Looking to combine your digital &
litho printing?

Want to transform print with
digital varnish technology?

Need to give customers
personalised print options?

Want to add promo content into
bills & invoices?

Want your customers to order, upload
& preview jobs online?

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Print solutions

Want augmented reality technology for
print & digital?

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Measures to Control Impact of Coronavirus on Availability of Products and Services

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You may be interested in
Intelligent Video Solutions Konica MInolta UK

Intelligent Video Solutions

Intelligence through optics and data

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent video and data solutions combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to better protect any environment. With a reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, these highly durable, IoT-enabled devices deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.

Cloud-based SMS platform to keep your business, employees and customers connected

Rethink Engagement

Secure, cloud-based text solution for your business. Designed to work with your existing infrastructure.

Cloud-based SMS platform for your business needs
a group of employees are working in an office with workplace hub in the background

All-in-one IT Platform

Workplace Hub

Imagine technology built around you, enabling you to work as you want. Working for you—on your terms. Free. Empowered. Connected. All-in-one platform IT. Sounds good? It is.

Technology Solutions for the NHS

Digital transformation across the NHS isn’t about rip and replace. It’s about using digital technology to make a difference. Finding solutions that help you change how you work, improve the services you provide and rise to the challenge of balancing increased demand with reduced resources. Discover how Konica Minolta helps the NHS with the most advanced tecnology.

Technology solutions for the NHS


Konica Minolta announces successful pilot of its new AIRe Link tool for remote visual support

Konica Minolta announces successful pilot of its new AIRe Link tool for remote visual support

Konica Minolta Business Solutions UK Ltd (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce the successful pilot of its new remote visual support tool, AIRe Link. AIRe Link enables companies to identify or solve problems on their print devices themselves...

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