Professional Printing

Professional Printing

Innovative digital printing and inkjet solutions to expand your business

As a printing company you face a rapidly changing market with all of the challenges of digitisation and digital printing. We use our decades-long experience and our leading market position to provide you with specifically tailored, high quality printing solutions for your business needs.


Our market-leading Accurio range of digital printing systems and software reflects their advanced, automated and accurate nature. Key strengths and attributes include: eliminating routine technology burdens and saving time. And by eliminating the repetitice manual tasks required it cuts down on errors, reducing waste and production costs.

Production Print Solutions

Rethink Efficiency

The AccurioPress C1400 distinguish itself with unprecedented print quality, amazing media flexibility and the highest degree of automation.

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Increases productivity and uptime, while reducing waste and effort with AccurioPress C14000

Rethink Central Communications

Transform your print room into a professional print & digital communication hub

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Connect, optimise and automate your business

Industrial Print Solutions

Compatible print media for your Konica Minolta system

The Online Media Guide provides a quick overview of tested substrates for your print system. Detailed information on substrate and test result is at your fingertips and ready for easy download. This includes the machine paper profile as well as the export of individual media guides. 

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