Covid Reminds Us All of the Value of Connection, Communication and Collaboration

London, UK | 30. Apr 2021

A year after the first UK COVID lockdown, Rob Ferris, CEO of Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd reflects on his experiences, what has been learnt, and how it has helped to evolve the business.

Beyond the Pandemic: How to be prepared for the unexpected

London, UK | 15. Apr 2021

In early 2020, the unexpected happened: An airborne virus emerged that conquered the world within weeks. It resulted in a widespread pandemic — and on its destructive path, it uprooted established business workflows worldwide. Konica Minolta immediately shifted its operations from working in the office to complete remote working within days — this affected more than 9,000 employees in Europe alone. Businesses around the world were forced to do the same, and some—like Konica Minolta—fared...

How 2020 showed us the way we want to work in the future

Langenhagen, Germany | 25. Mar 2021

It is about one year ago – on March 13, 2020, to be precise – that the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to shift the majority of Konica Minolta’s business in Europe to working from home. Countless companies and organisations large and small across the globe had to do the same. If we consider our business work environment as a complex ecosystem, then we can safely say that COVID-19 has ripped a hole through the heart of that ecosystem. It has wreaked havoc on many of our established daily work...

Five business continuity tips in the face of disruption

London, UK | 22. Mar 2021

Many organisations have recently found themselves scrambling to keep business running as usual while ensuring their staff and clients stay safe. The pandemic COVID-19 has been testing the planning and preparation of IT departments around the world.