print security

Print security mistakes that are damaging your organisation

19. Feb 2019

Global headlines highlight the crippling costs of corporate security breaches and 72% of companies say they recognise the implications of operating an insecure print infrastructure[1] – yet public and private sector organisations are still failing to turn their priorities into action and to protect themselves from the inevitable.

top IT trends for 2019

Top IT trends for 2019

08. Jan 2019

2019 will see a real-life implementation of technologies that rely on automation to relieve and empower IT departments, helping them meet the challenges the continuing shortage of skilled labour and looming security threats pose. Increasingly, these automated technologies will in turn integrate elements of artificial intelligence to recognise patterns, make decisions, and predict outcomes. According to the industry experts of IT service provider Konica Minolta, this year will also lay the...

Education & cloud services news header

Learning lessons about the cloud

05. Nov 2018

Deploying a cloud strategy for schools can feel like jumping off a high diving board for the first time. Questions like, 'What is the risk?' and 'Is this going to hurt?' run through your mind.

Innovation and cloud

Would you like Cloud with that?

11. Oct 2018

Exciting news from Konica Minolta – we’ve been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 10 framework and are delighted to support the Public Sector on its Cloud First and digital transformation journey with Managed Cloud Hosting services.