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How Konica Minolta’s Intelligent HR Automation can help HR departments? 

Post-pandemic, there’s been a seismic shift of values within the workplace amongst employees who are now expecting a people-first ethos and humanised value propositions. Flexibility, work-life balance, and hybrid working became the norm during lockdowns, driving people to re-evaluate priorities and redefine their ideal future of work. 

Since this, numerous polls have revealed that most workers favor hybrid and flexible working environments. A Gartner report revealed that ‘If required to work fully on-site, 43% of employees and 47% of knowledge workers say they would seek other jobs. It also revealed that 60% of HR Leaders are significantly concerned about staff turnover within their workplace, making it evident that staff retention rates are a concern among many organisations. 

Common HR Challenges in the post-pandemic world:  

  • Staff retention and high attrition rates 
  • Outdated employee lifecycle processes  
  • Time to find the right candidates   
  • Onboarding management  
  • Secondments  
  • Offboarding existing employees 
  • Remote recruitment challenges  

It’s reported that 49% of job candidates who have received a job offer are considering at least two others at the same time, emphasising the need to attract, retain and engage. 


Benefits of Intelligent HR Automation

Break down information silos and bring efficiency to employee records management.

Enable your HR teams to execute tasks at the click of a button.


Improve employee experience for both sides from the start. 


How can Konica Minolta Intelligent HR automation revolutionise employee lifecycle management?

The onboarding process requires many manual touchpoints with numerous tasks being passed across various departments. It’s reported that one in four recruits drop out of the hiring process due to poor experience.

Offboarding existing employees comes with its challenges and requires laborious but fundamental processes such as decommissioning accounts, removing access permissions and managing redundant assets. If not executed correctly, it could cause unnecessary risk and cost implications for the organisation, but by automating these repetitive HR processes, risks and costs are managed effectively. 

Success Story

Different organisations have varying routines and procedures for each of their employee lifecycle stages, by implementing bespoke HR automated workflows, simplifies these. After identifying each stage, the automation will seamlessly trigger the first task to commence and pass over to the next upon completion. 

One of our customers who was managing 100+ employee lifecycle requests a month managed to save 40 hours a month through automating their ‘Joiners, Leavers, and Movers’ processes. The automation provided their IT and HR teams more time to focus on other more valuable tasks and provide other service improvements, read more here.  

Improve your Human Resource processes

With the emergence of new technologies and new work patterns, employees expect Human Resources to simplify administrative management. To carry out their tasks and improve the employee experience, HR departments should focus on innovative digital solutions to improve the management of your resources.

Learn how information management tools can help to streamline the HR workload.

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When and how to start?

A recent Gartner stat cites that “48% of chief human resource officers stated that their current HR technology solutions hinder, rather than improve.”  

Technology is essential in the evolution of HR departments to progress and overcome common pain points, but first, process inefficiencies need to be identified to find a solution to fix the problem, not simply automate the inefficiency. 

Automating your HR Onboarding process is a good place to start, but understandably, organisations delay investment due to a fear of getting their strategy wrong. 

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