Variable Data Publishing

Personalised marketing

Grow your business and increase customer loyalty with personalisation

Variable data publishing is a hugely valuable solution for a commercial printer like you. With a large amount of information out there, personalised communication with customers is even more important. If you can customise a letter or marketing message to the recipient, it has a greater chance of being read. Increasing your response rates and strengthen your customer relationships.

A variable data publishing solution allows you to integrate customer's data into the document design. This removes the need for scripting or programming. A wide range of personalised data can be incorporated into a mail merge, including text, graphs, images and more.

You can help your customers to create personalised marketing documents using set templates. Everything comes with step-by-step instructions on how to modify the templates, using information held in Excel.

Konica Minolta's VDP solution intelligently reads the data and can automatically decide whether the materials can be emailed or posted. This saves time and money for you, and your customers 

Variable data publishing

Variable data publishing

Personalised communications through Variable Data Publishing

A letter or marketing message customised to the recipient’s needs has a far greater chance of being read and acted upon. You can help your customer deliver more effective messages with personalised marketing. This helps them build stronger relationships with their customers, and enables them to deliver effective cross-media marketing.

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