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Konica Minolta's Intelligent Video Solutions enhance the security and safety of people and facilities


High-quality Intelligent Video offers you comprehensive solutions for smooth operations and maximum security at all levels. As a person in charge of an energy, utility, or mining company, you need highly professional support that can withstand the toughest conditions whilst protecting people and property by helping to avoid or mitigate dangerous and expensive risks.
Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) are ideal for meeting these challenges. With robust, high-end video technology and intelligent, artificial intelligence (AI)-based apps that have been  expertly develop with our partners to address any operational or security needs you have. 




Reducing Accidents

IVS automatically monitors key areas and alerts on any unusual activity or potential dangers to help reduce the likelihood of accidents and injury.

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Quick and Reliable Response Time

Featuring immediate alerts to key stakeholders, IVS accurately flags up potential issues as they happen. Using high resolution cameras, the solution will detect even subtle indications.

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Low Maintenance Cost

Once installed, Konica Minolta’s IVS is largely maintenance-free. Using high speed, reliable, but low-bandwidth wireless technology, software updates and upgrades (including intelligent apps) are actioned remotely with minimum physical contact and low costs.  

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Decentralised approach means IVS can span multiple locations, whilst additional installs are quick and easy to commission.

Collection of real-time data ensures that any incidents are captured and reported immediately for a highly rapid response.


Choice of cameras includes 3600 hemispherical /1800 degree panoramic views that ensure there are no blind spots and fewer cameras are required for full surveillance coverage.

Low energy consumption and operating costs.

Highly secure, with encrypted transmission that guarantees data security

High quality images ensure reliability of the automated system response and deliver ideal data for auditing and reporting purposes.

Types of cameras

Types of cameras

Access Control

With its 360° lens, the technology captures the entire entrance area without any gaps. The system enables keyless opening of doors securely using an access code, RFID transponder or smartphone, and is even scalable for larger connected systems.

Indoor Cameras

Indoors, the hemispheric video system with 360° all-round view or 180° panoramic image can monitor an entire room discreetly and without any gaps – with intelligent video analysis tools for object and person statistics, heat maps and behavior detection.

Mobotix Move

The weather-resistant, mobile IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard features of central video systems. MOBOTIX MOVE is the ideal supplement to the premium IoT video systems in the MOBOTIX 7 and Mx6 series.

Outdoor Cameras

MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are able to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 65°C. The maintenance-free housing protects them from moisture, corrosion and dirt. High-quality image sensors produce high-quality video recordings even in low light.

Thermal Cameras

MOBOTIX thermal cameras register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at distances of several 100 meters. They are also used with great success for early fire detection and can issue alarms automatically

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A new grid monitoring technology using Konica Minolta Video Solution Services (VSS) has been developed by a power company in Europe, to dramatically improves access and cut surveillance costs by over 90 percent. For the first time, it gives power grid operators real-time surveillance images from equipment located directly on overhead power lines.

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