Inline Finishing

Upgrade your digital print press and create added value

Improve productivity and cut production times with inline finishing

Inline finishing capabilities let you increase your profit margins on print jobs. At the same time you shorten your own production times, reducing labour costs, improving quality control, cutting back on waste and saving energy.

Traditionally viewed as an afterthought and production bottleneck, finishing is now being viewed as a critical stage in production as well as a way to differentiate products and create added value. It's not unusual for finishing to generate as much as 40% of production costs, and for poor quality control at this stage can destroy a great deal of added value.


With updates in digital production technology, SME printers have woken up to the fact that investing relatively modest sums in finishing equipment can lead to significant productivity improvements and reduce costs. Results from a recent Drupa global trend report show that 48% of respondents were planning to invest in finishing equipment, and 40% are investing to drive efficiency improvements.

Inline Finishing

Inline Finishing

Differentiate yourself and create stronger customer loyalty

Control more of the print project internally by upgrading your digital print device with inline finishing options. Giving you the ability to produce more complex print products, where you can offer your customers everything from a single source. 

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Inline Finishing

Inline Finishing

Why integrate inline finishing into your current process?

Here are some of the way your business could benefit:

Increased profit margins

Increased profit margins

Shorter Production Times

Shorter production times

Greater flexibility in production

Greater flexibility in production

Fewer machine setups

Fewer machine setups

Less Waste

Less waste

Energy Savings

Energy savings

Improved Quality Control

Improved quality control

Lower Labour Costs

Lower labour costs

All-In-One Print Solution

The ability to offer all-in-one print solutions