Intelligent Video Solutions for Healthcare

Improve processes plus safeguard staff and patients


Improve processes whilst safeguarding staff and patients


Do you know how many patients are being missed during rounds? 

Konica Minolta's Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor to monitor operations and reliably detect threats or potential risks in order to improve safeguarding of your staff, patients, visitors and property.

IVS is perfect for analysing people statistics and includes options for thermal imaging (to detect possible signs of fire or movement in poor light conditions), and activity sensors to monitor unusual movement or falls of frail or vulnerable people. It is also perfect for analysing schedule changes through facial recognition which can check the location of key staff or to alert on possible intruders.  



Early warning and condition detection

Thermal, visual, movement and audio biomedical sensors can be combined to implement systems that provide early warnings for the likes of strokes or indicators of conditions such as prostate issues. Even patients falling over or out of bed can be detected. Information is displayed in real-time and staff can be alerted, ensuring faster response times, enhanced patient safety and improved patient outcomes.

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Consultation and theatre efficiency

Facial recognition technology can be used to monitor when key consultants and clinicians are on site, to make real-time changes to appointment schedules. This improves appointment efficiency. It can also integrate with SMS appointment reminders or booking systems to update patients remotely and quickly.

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Improved safety and security

Boost patient, staff and asset safety and security, particularly in critical facilities such as laboratories, emergency departments and psychiatry wards. Our solutions provide access control with people identification options, monitor high-risk areas remotely and offer situation-analysis.

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The Benefits of Video Solution Services for Healthcare

Total Safety
You will get Access control, Fire & Smoke detection, Burglary & Perimiter Protection, Theft & Vandalism

Relieve Personnel
Reduce Patient Rounds, Monitor Multiple Patients in Parallel, Prevent Alarm Fatigue, Video Identification 

Caring For People
Discreet Round-the-Clock Security, React to People in Need, Realtime Communication, Maintain Privacy and discretion

Effective Processes
Access Control, Car Park Management, Queue Management, Video Training and Operations Support

Effective Process
Detect Defined Temperature Ranges, Mask Detection, Overcrowding, Social Distancing

Types of cameras

Types of cameras

Access Control

With its 360° lens, the technology captures the entire entrance area without any gaps. The system enables keyless opening of doors securely using an access code, RFID transponder or smartphone, and is even scalable for larger connected systems.

Indoor Cameras

Indoors, the hemispheric video system with 360° all-round view or 180° panoramic image can monitor an entire room discreetly and without any gaps – with intelligent video analysis tools for object and person statistics, heat maps and behavior detection.

Mobotix Move

The weather-resistant, mobile IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard features of central video systems. MOBOTIX MOVE is the ideal supplement to the premium IoT video systems in the MOBOTIX 7 and Mx6 series.

Outdoor Cameras

MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are able to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 65°C. The maintenance-free housing protects them from moisture, corrosion and dirt. High-quality image sensors produce high-quality video recordings even in low light.

Thermal Cameras

MOBOTIX thermal cameras register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at distances of several 100 meters. They are also used with great success for early fire detection and can issue alarms automatically

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An organisation operating residential nursing homes in Europe has implemented has installed Conview Care at one of its sites, to provide elderly people affected by dementia with a wider range of movement. In solutions includes Konica Minolta Video Solution Services cameras and together it is providing a new way of working which increases the wellbeing of its residents.

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A large blood donation centre, in a major European city, has installed Konica Minolta’s Video Solution Services, for roundthe-clock operations to deter theft and vandalism, as well as improve the safety and security for employees and donors at the site.

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Dignity, respect, and responsibility are the cornerstones of healthcare. Whether it‘s a hospital, nursing home or retirement home, the well-being and safety of patients, residents and relatives is the highest priority.

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