Transactional Marketing

Boost your sales revenues

Increase profits with promotional messages on transaction documents

Transaction documents like bills and invoices tend to be read and reviewed more carefully than any other document type. This makes them a highly attractive medium to promote a product or service.

It used to be as simple as including an insert in the same envelope as your transaction documents. Things have now moved on to "onserts" or "TransPromo", where a promotional message is placed directly on the transaction document. This lets you include operational and promotional messaging on the same document. You save paper and put existing white space to good use. 

This type of strategy will help you lower operational costs as it reduces the need to print on separate brochures. It could also save your customer resources, as they don't have to send as many email communications to existing customers.

Transactional Marketing

Transactional Marketing

Why should you implement transactional marketing?

Generate new cross-selling revenues for your customer and help them to increase customer awareness of other products and services. Your customers will see reduced costs, as they could spend less on other forms of advertising.

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Key Features

Your production environment can greatly benefit from transitioning to new ways of printing and workflow automation. With our solutions for "TransPromo", you can improve processes, increase profitability and productivity. Transaction documents can be individually tailored,  transforming boring bank statements and utility bills into customised advertising content.



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Cater to customers’ preferences through multi-channel communication

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Easily customise transaction documents and create promotional content

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Intelligent interpretation of content makes your marketing campaigns effective

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Offers full control of printing and paper handling features

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Save time and resources with automated distribution

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Streamlined operations help you improve the entire workflow