Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Unlock the power of your data

How can you ensure everyone in your organisation makes the best possible decisions at speed? We all work with data every day and make decisions based on what we can extract from that data. But how up to date is the data you are using? In today’s agile world we need to ensure we can provide everyone with up to date information at their finger tips.

Data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to achieve business goals – PWC

Konica Minolta helps companies quickly increase the value of the data held in their systems to maximise the productivity of their teams by implementing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions which are used in the day-to-day running of your business.

How to unlock the power of your data?

Data exists everywhere in your organisation, whether part of your financial ERP system, your CRM solution, HR systems and many more. The challenge is how all that data can be interpreted and visualised to provide insights into your business and enable robust decisions to be made.

Implementing Business Intelligence and Data analytics solutions in your organisation can help you deal with the information chaos and empower you with real-time insight to make decisions swiftly and deliver new performances.

Konica Minolta, through its consultative approach, has experts in enabling you to extract data from your business systems and present the information graphically to those that need it.

Critical success factors for quick Business Intelligence implementations are:

  • Personalisation

Present only relevant data to a particular user that can quickly identify gaps and presents critical information, without the need to go through irrelevant content


  • Data enhancement

Merge data sources, Sales results, Budgets etc together to allowing them to compare it to business targets and historical data.


  • Actionable information

Provide actionable information, which the user can use to take swift decision and correct present issues.


  • Be fit for purpose

Provide data that responds to present business issues and is relevant for the stakeholder.


  • Seamless
Provide accessible information – that the user can access from tablet, phone, etc

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Components of Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions include the following components and capabilities, which aim to extract data from business systems and present the information to business stakeholders.

  • Information from source systems such as application databases, CRMs, HR systems, Accounts Payable, Finance.
  • Extract / Transform / Load process

  • Data Presentation / Dashboard

Benefits of Implementing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solution

Modern BI and Analytics should deliver the following key benefits:



Dashboards designed to answer specific business queries
Easy data interaction without any technical input required
Easy to use - increase insight, awareness and user adoption across the organisation
Fast to build and utilise – removes the time taken to generate new reports
Simple user journey for more powerful analytics by having new ways of navigating through the data
Control over look and feel – colours and formats to match corporate style
More powerful analysis with the access to external data from a range of systems eg. achievement against targets, trends over time, what if analysis

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