Customer Training

Customer Training

Our customer training service provides bespoke packages to meet and exceed your business needs. As a partner, we'll nurture and enable your employees to improve your business, now and in the future.


Creating a training roadmap for your business

Constantly reviewing employee and business capabilities can be a daunting challenge. How do you ensure you idenfity what requirements you have? How can you keep individuals up to date with the latest developments in technology and solutions, to maximise your return.



What opportunities are out there?

Our committment to enable your business:

  • Provide professional advice

  • Trust every person as an individual with fairness and respect

  • Provide a training plan with clear objectives

  • Detail the benefits for the business and individual

  • Reward learning through recognised industry and Konica Minolta accreditations


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Konica Minolta Office Training Brochure

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"All of my operators who had training on site at Konica Minolta have found the training to be very valuable, productive and worthwhile experience. We gained greater knowledge on how to run and maintain our machines to their optimum level. The trainer, who was very welcoming, passed on his knowledge to our team which has been beneficial for all involved. I could not recommend any more highly training with Konica Minolta."

GI Solutions

"We were made very welcome on our visit to KM. The training was detailed and thorough, but also made extremely easy to understand by the trainer. We solved every issues we had faced to date, as well as learning a variety of new skills which will aid us moving forward. The quality of our work has improved ten-fold already, to learn the full spectrum of the colour controls was especially useful as this will keep our work consistent and clients happy."

V R Digital

"Konica Minolta's ongoing comprehensive print room training has given Derby City Council's print room staff a complete understanding of how the printers work, along with a thorough knowledge of how this ties in with the Fiery controller. This training has given the staff the confidence to change areas such as production workflows, which has led to quicker turn-around times and improved quality."

Derby City Council