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Safeguarding Revenue and Optimising Sales with Intelligent Video Solutions


Theft, fraud and manipulation by customers, employees, and suppliers can cost revenue, which is why the use of an intelligent video solutions within the retail sector is becoming more important. Not only do they prevent theft and provide evidence, but they also provide you with information on your customers and their behaviour patterns.
Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) remove the requirement for human intervention, they can be quickly deployed, with hardware being shipped to your site for installation by your local facilities and IT team. Install and set-up can be done remotely (subject to network connection), giving you, your employees and business the protection you need.




Full Coverage

Konica Minolta's IVS systems are ideal for short distances in indoor environments. The Hemispheric Technology provides panoramic coverage without any blind spots, with high-quality image correction, so you'll always have the best quality possible for your images without needing high bandwidth.

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People Counting

Using people counting and heat-map technology you can track movements into restricted areas and trigger an alarm, all without need to install additional software or infrastructure.

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Greater Insights

The information collected from the heatmap and people counting technology can be used to improve where your workforce is deployed, to improve the layout of the shop interior, and to decide where best to place adverts and offers.

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The Benefits of Video Solution Services for Retail

Motion detection and two-way audio system for better interaction

Sophisticated analytics give greater insights

Fully scalable to meet your needs

Inexpensive and reliable architecture

No central server necessary enabling greater flexibility and reduced operating costs

Types of cameras

Types of cameras

Access Control

With its 360° lens, the technology captures the entire entrance area without any gaps. The system enables keyless opening of doors securely using an access code, RFID transponder or smartphone, and is even scalable for larger connected systems.

Indoor Cameras

Indoors, the hemispheric video system with 360° all-round view or 180° panoramic image can monitor an entire room discreetly and without any gaps – with intelligent video analysis tools for object and person statistics, heat maps and behavior detection.

Mobotix Move

The weather-resistant, mobile IP cameras are equipped with the latest standard features of central video systems. MOBOTIX MOVE is the ideal supplement to the premium IoT video systems in the MOBOTIX 7 and Mx6 series.

Outdoor Cameras

MOBOTIX outdoor cameras are able to withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 65°C. The maintenance-free housing protects them from moisture, corrosion and dirt. High-quality image sensors produce high-quality video recordings even in low light.

Thermal Cameras

MOBOTIX thermal cameras register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at distances of several 100 meters. They are also used with great success for early fire detection and can issue alarms automatically

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Intelligent Video Solutions for Retail Case Study

Unified employee data and process automation are helping to reduce costs, increase productivity, promote people wellbeing, and confidently manage compliance risks.

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Intelligent Video Solutions for Retail Brochure

Camera monitoring is now a standard feature in most stores. If you are preparing a replacement of the CCTV system or are only equipping the store with this solution, consider using other functionalities that our Mobotix CCTV solution brings.

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