Inkjet Printing

Make inkjet the reality today

Inkjet innovation that will change print forever

To keep ahead of the competition you need to be thinking about how to offer your customers added value. By diversifying your print products you can stand out from the competition. Inkjet technology enables non-contact printing, making it perfect for printing on all kinds of media.

Our inkjet solution takes things one step further, so you can extend your flexibility and be more productive. Using digital UV inkjet you can extend your print services to print on thin substrates, textured media and heavyweight stock. All while providing offset quality images with sharp text and line quality.

With Konica Minolta's patented DFT technology at the heart of your solution, you'll get superior colour stability and consistency. It will give you excellent results and instantly dry, perfected prints on a wide range of materials.

Dot Freeze Technology

Delivering high print quality and a wide colour gamut. No primer. No water. No paper curl.



We make inkjet the reality today

By using inkjet printing, you can diversify your print products and stand out from the competition. Our inkjet technology enables non-contact printing, making it perfect for printing on all kinds of media. And with automated workflows you can increase profitability and reduce costs at the prepress stage. 

Digital inkjet printing

The AccurioJet KM-1 gives you the flexibility to print on almost any substrate – from heavy textured stock, folding carton, through to never tear expanding your application list and market potential.

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Explore the countless different ways in which our software can help improve your operations. We can match different working styles and offer software solutions to meet the needs of your industry.

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We offer a range of different services to ensure you and your company benefit fully from our solutions.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet Printing

How will inkjet printing transform your business?

Extend your flexibility, increase profitability and build new business. Be more productive with B2+ inkjet printing from Konica Minolta. 

Type: sheetfed B2+ perfecting UV inkjet press

Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

Ink: UV Ink

Number of colours: 4

Printing speeds: 3,000 sph (single-sided) / 1,500 sph (double-sided)

Sheet size: Up to 585 x 750 mm

Sheet thickness: 0.06 – 0.6 mm (single-sided) / 0.06 – 0.45 mm (double-sided)

Dimensions: 5,400 (W) x 3,000 (D) x 2,400 (H) mm

Machine weight: Approx. 9000 kg

Image quality control

High-precision colour-matching technology

Wide colour gamut

Variable printing

Major reductions in preparation time

Stable printing quality