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The modern workplace has been changing rapidly in recent years and right before our eyes. Although technology is omnipresent (both in our everyday lives and work), sometimes the abundance of information we experience is still not presented to us in the correct context. However with technology developing so rapidly, new opportunities are presenting themselves.

A lack of context is just one of the problems that can be solved quickly and easily by using modern ways of working – which is why augmented business solutions have the potential to change the way we perceive reality as a whole.

Making the invisible, visible

We’re passionate about creating new technologies to provide international enterprises, start-ups, academics and their partner organisations with the creative solutions they need. Why? Because we want you to benefit from our vast experience and introduce augmented vision to your place of work, marketing campaigns and everyday life.

Working hand-in-hand with the leaders in augmented reality technology, we're striving to develop solutions that will solve your problems faster, allow you to view business insights in the context of the customer, and revolutionise the way you interact with information. 

The outcome of this partnership has resulted in an augmented business solution that allows you to see the world differently through your smart device. Mobile OCR technology gives powerful computer vision and scanning functionalities to your mobile app, so that you can benefit from augmented print.

Effortlessly scan packaging, posters and flyers to analyse data online, recognise handwriting, scan text – and even translate it – in just a matter of seconds. You can also prepare digital marketing campaigns, deploy AR to show you the way indoors and outdoors, and manipulate 3D prototypes with your co-workers around the world. 

Augmented reality technology offers unimaginable opportunities. And we make them real.



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Turn 2D into a 3D experience with augmented reality

Bring a new dimension to your printed media, the genARate app. An augmented reality platform that will transform your 2D content into an interactive 3D experience, enhancing engagement with your brand, product or service. Made possible with our easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Its Print. In Motion.

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