The Commercial and Operational Benefits of Intelligent Video Solutions

Intelligent Video Solutions go beyond security, providing a comprehensive automated view that is not only a security purchase but an investment for businesses.

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Artificial Intelligence has transformed the abilities of video technology and widened the scope of its use far beyond traditional security related applications. Today it is helping organisations to recognise and realise their previously unknown data streams and organisational processes to drive efficiency, cost savings, and improve decision making.

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) have transformed security and safety surveillance systems into an integral part of the Connected Workplace - a much broader and considerably more powerful business information and management tool. This provides a comprehensive automated view across all operations, something that was almost impossible to achieve before.

Intelligent integration

IVS deliver comprehensive video surveillance solutions, but these Intelligent Information Management systems can also provide a wealth of valuable insights into previously unknown data (such as visual Time & Attendance monitoring for example). 

As well as proactively monitoring security and safety, video surveillance technology can also assess working efficiency, to check people or items are where they should be, to look for suspicious or unusual behaviour, or to assess any given situation across a monitored site or sites to give the organisation partners, customers, regulators, and other stakeholders peace of mind.

Think of it not so much a camera system, but more as artificial intelligence with eyes that can deliver much broader benefits. The deployment of automated intelligence systems in collaboration with the Connected Workplace accurately processes this information and provides consistent, reliable, and timely insights upon which decisions can be made. 

Multiple business benefits

By improving the core operations of the business, IVS is no longer just a security purchase and an expense, it is an investment for the whole organisation. It adds value across the business by unlocking hidden data and recognising previously undetected cost savings.

To illustrate this, here are some interesting and sometimes surprising applications which take the use of IVS to the next level, by helping to protect productivity and safety, firmly focussing these systems to a commercial advantage as well as monitoring security.

Examples of Practical IVS Applications

  • Box detection 

Warehouses, distribution centres, delivery vehicles, and shipping ports transfer enormous quantities of valuable goods in shipment boxes, making it a significant challenge to track them, let alone check their condition at different stages of their journey.

IVS can accurately automate monitoring of these movements, checking and noting the location and condition of these boxes, 24/7, with minimal mistakes. By taking a visual snapshot (including barcode and serial information) at each stage as proof, IVS is a perfect way of ascertaining where issues lie and who is accountable for any damages, loss, or theft, for audit purposes.

Powerful IVS can also ascertain the condition of specific boxes to look for damage or missing items long before their delivery, helping to resolve disputes of any alleged damage. This data and the insights from it are invaluable in improving efficiencies and reducing costs.


  • Fall detection

IVS is well placed to monitor and protect teams or individuals who may have fallen or suffered an accident and is particularly useful for protecting lone workers. If a person falls and does not recover within an expected timeframe the system can automatically alert the management team and pinpoint the location of the potential incident. This application is also especially useful in ensuring the safety of elderly or other vulnerable people in care homes.
This is an ideal first alert with the IVS providing an immediate audible alarm, video, and pictures via email and/or SMS. Additionally, if there is a VoIP feature, this can be utilised to communicate with the individual to reassure them help is on its way.


  • Vehicle monitoring

Carpark monitoring can monitor traffic flow and ascertain the number of free spaces at any time, track parking times for billing (using ANPR), protect vehicles from attack, and even assist owners who have forgotten where they parked!

In large open parking areas (such as commercial, retail or leisure sites), IVS can assist with traffic monitoring (through recognition, counting and motion analysis of vehicles), helping with the flow of traffic at busy times. It can also protect vehicles in storage, ascertaining that they are safe from theft/tampering, or even detecting a door left accidentally open to the elements.


  • Thermal detection at production and storage facilities 

Thermal cameras can help to monitor for issues in refrigerated or frozen storage, or to detect vermin/infestation issues (even in the dark) - which is particularly important for the food industry in protecting health and product integrity.

There are also insights to be collected with regards to process monitoring and looking for manufacturing improvements (much like logistics box detection), along with the predictive analysis of maintenance issues and workplace Health and Safety adherence.

Accurately calibrated thermal cameras can detect abnormally high heat sources from as much as 5km away. High-definition non-thermal cameras can also play an important role in finding potential fires with smoke detection (both indoors and outdoors) and are highly cost-effective.


  • Facial recognition for education and workplace attendance

Facial recognition can be used to confirm attendance within a school or college classroom, ensuring students not only register but also attend their lessons, by using IVS and well-positioned cameras to compare those present with their filed photos.

This can also be used to check if full time or even agency staff are in attendance. At a catering facility it can be used to check for potential cross-contamination between different food storage areas, or to ensure staff leave the workplace at specified times for Health and Safety or legal/tax reasons.


  • Endless scope 
These examples are just a taste of the incredible opportunities and possibilities of deploying Intelligent Video Solutions in the workplace. The flexibility of IVS means bespoke solutions can be engineered for virtually any application that would benefit from automated surveillance.

Konica Minolta’s expert team is available now to discuss the needs of your organisation and to explore how IVS solutions can help to improve not only your security but also your business operations, by utilising the tremendous scope to monitor, observe and manage all manner of business processes, with an expert eye that no human could ever match.


Smart Solutions for Effective Monitoring and Safety

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent video and data solutions combine visual, thermal, sound and sensor data to better protect any environment. With a reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, these highly durable, IoT-enabled devices deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.

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