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Mastering Data Dynamics: Empower Your Business with Automated Data Capture!

Witness a paradigm shift in business prowess through Automated Data Capture, a game-changer in tackling unstructured data complexities. From transforming operations to combating inefficiencies and enhancing decision-making, our solution emerges as a catalyst for operational brilliance.
As the digital landscape surges with mobile and cloud computing advancements, and information management gaps persist, data proliferation becomes a monumental challenge. This surge, doubling every two years, forms a formidable obstacle to operational efficiency and effectiveness. However, our Automated Data Capture stands as the ultimate solution, offering you the key to unlock unprecedented efficiency and redefine effectiveness. Experience data dominance like never before!

Streamline operations, combat inefficiency

Enhance decision-making with accurate data

Navigate data explosion with unmatched efficiency

Why Choose Konica Minolta's For Unified Data Capture?

What is Automated Data Capture?

Data Capture is the process of collecting, interpreting and structuring data so it can be managed and processed more efficiently through operations and systems.

A capture process will typically involve some front-end process to ingest the data from a certain source followed by a process to analyse, classify and mark-up date elements ready for further processing and automation purposes – i.e. Request details, ID, date, author, reference, cost, item number etc

As part of automated processes, various Methods of Data Capture are used to extract the required data from different data sources and containers such as invoices, contracts, case files, identification etc through to images, videos, emails, websites, digital forms, legacy databases – almost any data source

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Decision-Making Empowerment

Empower your decisions with reliable data from Automated Data Capture. Bid farewell to operational weaknesses, embracing a data-driven era of informed choices.

  • Embrace data-driven choices for informed decisions
  • Overcome operational vulnerabilities with accurate insights
  • Elevate your decision-making prowess with Automated Data Capture

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Achieve new operational performances, efficiencies and fewer exceptions

More informed, Data-lead decisions faster supports Business Agility & customer satisfaction

Lower cost per incident or task

Remove complexity, simplify and focus on business priorities

Reduce risk and improve compliance, governance & end to end control

Innovation and new customer experience enabler

Types of Unstructured and semi-structured business data

Many businesses and their operations struggle to efficiently manage and process a wide range of unstructured and semi-structured data from varies sources and systems,
Below are some examples of common unstructured and semi-structured business data types:
Information security

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