Webinar: Digital Mailroom: The essential digital front-end of every organisation

Thursday 26th April, 10am

In a traditional mailroom process, documents are passed from person to person, increasing risk of misplaced data, human error, poor visibility and even contamination.

A Digital Mailroom represents an essential single corporate entry for all incoming and outgoing business documents such as, paper-based mail, emails, text messages, XML content and more.

The concept of a Digital Mailroom comes in many different forms and can instantly provide your organisation with a numerous benefits. Our upcoming webinar, Digital Mailroom: The essential digital front-end of every organisation will explore:





  • What is a Digital Mailroom & current trends
  • Benefits of a Digital Mailroom  
  • When to use a Digital Mailroom/ use-cases/ examples
  • The Digital Mailroom maturity model  
  • How to build a Digital Mailroom business case
  • What next, where to start
  • Q&A








Francis will be leading the webinar by covering what is a digital mailroom and the current trends.

Francis Thornhill

Head of Customer and Solutions Marketing, Konica Minolta


Gareth will be discussing the many benefits of a digital mailroom and when to use one with some use cases.

Gareth Hutchins

Solution Architect & Capture Lead, OpenText


Lloyd will be explaining our digital mailroom maturity model and how to apply it to your organisation.

Lloyd Stoner

Principal Value Analyst, OpenText


Steve will be telling us how to build a digital mailroom case within your organisation and where to start.

Stephen Delve

Pre-Sales Information Management, Konica Minolta | ProcessFlows