Use of cloud technology is common place. Those who waive cloud, will lose connection to the competition and the market. But the extent of its use varies massively, from rolling out M365 to cloud native software development. Print is often overlooked as legacy - a missed opportunity.


Our Cloud Print Services offer a great range of benefits


Better cost planning
45% say cloud is a top investment priority in the coming year.


Quick and easy implementation
43% of businesses expect all IT infrastructure to be cloud based by 2022 


Secure printing
72% of companies say they will increase their use of cloud print management by 2025

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The sky's the limit!

You’ve heard cloud computing is the way forward, but you’re still not entirely sure why or whether the much-talked-about benefits of cloud can actually be delivered in practice.

Let us explain in our 6 minutes to read blog.


Flexible infrastructure

More and more SMEs are choosing cloud solutions, like Microsoft Office 365, to deal with huge volumes of data, work efficiently, improve security, control costs and minimise risks.

The team at Konica Minolta understand the smaller business needs and plans. We are ready to help organisations take to the cloud technology with confidence.