About Konica Minolta UK

Innovation keeps us on the move

Konica Minolta’s innovations help businesses to shape the future, today, changing the way people conduct business and use technology for competitive advantage. As a leading Smart Data and IT Services company, we want to meet the changing needs of customers with our Digital Print, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality solutions. 

As a provider of comprehensive IT services, Konica Minolta also delivers consultancy and services to optimise business processes with workflow automation, and implements solutions in the field of IT infrastructure and IT security as well as cloud environments.  

Our history

Transformation is in everything we do. And we've been innovating and transforming from the beginning. From cameras to copiers, to healthcare to print, to the smart workplace of the future. Always Innovating. Always Transforming.

Core business technologies

We understand that technology is transforming workplaces and the way people work, and that these new technologies are vital foundations for creating a successful business. This is why we've invested in forward thinking innovative technology that's been designed to integrate with our existing printing devices and software.

Office and Digital Services
Businesses face difficult challenges such as having to cut operating and management costs while at the same time being confronted with paper-intensive processes such as collecting, sharing and archiving information efficiently.

Konica Minolta is a leading services provider, and we offer high-quality enterprise-level IT solutions that help your organisation transform workflows. Our professional portfolio ranges from business process optimisation and document management services to multifunctional printing devices.

Commercial and Industrial Printing
Commercial and corporate in-house printing, professional print services and industrial inkjet printing have come a long way, especially when it comes to digital printing systems capable of small-lot and variable data printing.

Konica Minolta offers customers the latest printing solutions. You can pick from an array of our printing systems, services, and related supplies to help you better manage your business demands.


Transforming the workplace of tomorrow

Committed to transforming society to improve the lives of many, we're responding to a rapidly changing world dominated by digital experiences. We want to create technologies and solutions that solve your challenges, make your business smarter and provide you with a digital workplace. Together we can transform the future.

Motivated to make a difference

We’re highly motivated to design solutions that optimise productivity, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimise the impact on the environment.

As a leading provider of digital and print technologies in both office and production environments, we pride ourselves on not only meeting our customers’ expectations but in exceeding them. Our award winning solutions, coupled with years of experience have earned us trusted advisor status to customers in SME, enterprise, public sector organisations and central government departments.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd is part of Konica Minolta Holdings, inc., Tokyo, Japan