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Are you achieving your true digital potential?

Achieve your true digital potential – Accelerate your digital transformation to deliver exceptional customer experiences as well as new operational performances & control.

McKinsey (2020) estimated that 50% of all businesses processes and workflows can and should be digitised, automated and optimised.

Too many organisations today continue to rely on manual, ungoverned document or even paper-based processes across their operations – both internal or external facing. An astonishing 90% of all business data is unstructured – Not easily searchable nor accessible as part of a digital or automated process. (McKinsey 2020).
Often businesses resort to inefficient processes such as manual data entry or accept weaknesses in operational control and intelligence – all of which results in slower operations and weaker decision making.

Operational inefficiencies and system silos, ungoverned and insecure processes as well as workload bottlenecks and lack of visibility and control are common place in departments from customer operations through to Finance, HR and delivery teams. 

What are Digital Processes and Workflows?

Digital processes and workflows allow businesses to operate and transact digitally and in some cases automatically. They can be used strengthen transactional through to knowledge or case processes and their controls. Whilst greater efficiency is a natural end-goal – there are many other benefits including governance, visibility, control etc. 

Whilst digital process projects often involve software, at the centre of any successful project is process improvement. Business Process Management (BPM) includes a set of best-practice methods and standards used to deliver business process improvements and excellence. (i.e BPMN) The methods cover all aspects from defining and mapping processes through to approaches for optimising, automating and measuring processes

Our approach to process improvement  

Konica Minolta employs a robust approach to continuous process improvement and digitisation. 

  • Discovery Assessment & Design

Identifies current processes and procedures, relationships, agents and systems as well as recognising business needs, gaps and goals.

  • Process Modelling

Proposed processes are formally designed, mapped & “engineered” into a working and managed process. 

  • Process Execution

A range of software and integration options exist for digitising, managing and automating processes and workflows. Digital processes can be manual, part or fully automated as described in the BPMN format and according to any logic and rules defined.

  • Monitoring

An essential step in business process management is creating opportunities for live status visibility, trouble shooting, rapid responses to challenges or bottlenecks as well as KPI or Performance Management.

  • Optimisation

BPM creates opportunities for businesses to optimise their managed processes in a controlled and governed manner based on monitored data and insight.


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Digitise your Workflows & Operations

Digital processes and workflows seamlessly connect people, different procedures, data sources and systems to transform operational performances and customers experience in diverse ways across departments and sectors: 


Benefits of Digital Processes & Workflows include:



Continuously achieve greater results & remove inefficiencies
Improve business agility & customer satisfaction with more informed, data-led decisions 
Embrace innovation and transformation across people, process and technology
Minimise risk and enhance compliance, organisation & end-to-end control
Align processes to business priorities backed with KPIs 
Focus on business priorities and remove complexity

Methods of Digitising Workflows & Processes

There are a number of different approaches to digitising workflows and processes. There isn't one 'right' approach and every business should consider the nature of the specific process concerned, business goals and the data involved as well as the specific circumstances across People, Process & Technology. Key approaches include:

  1. Workflow or Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions
  2. Document Management Systems
  3. Update of an existing business management system
  4. Collaboration platforms & workplace productivity suites
  5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Examples of Digital Processes

Examples of Digital Processes

McKinsey (2020) estimated that 50% of all businesses processes and workflows can and should be digitised, automated and optimised. Konica Minolta specialises in the digitisation, optimisation and automation of the following processes and workspaces:


Accounts Payable 
Achieve new efficiencies and control over your payments and cash flow
Accounts Receivable 
Effective management of invoicing and money owed to protect your cash flows
Case Management 
Managing cases, incidents and unstructured data in an efficient and structured manner 

Contract Management 
Digitise and streamline contract management processes and enforce compliance 

Purchase to Pay 
Manage your suppliers, spend, cash flow and payments to deliver new efficiencies, control and compliance

Compliance Management
Manage compliance and risk in a structured manner

Customer Service and Support Helpdesk
Deliver exceptional digital customer experiences and performances at lower cost

Custom Process Management and Automation
Create competitive advantage through custom or bespoke process automation and management

Digital Mailroom 
Digitise inbound and outbound communications to complete your transition to a digital workplace

Human resources 
Build effective and engaged workforces through digital workspaces and operations

IT Operations 
Unlock IT opportunities to power competitive advantage & new performances

Sales and Marketing 
Efficient management your customer facing assets, proposals, copy and presentations

Scheduling and Management 
Exceptional field-based operations, performances and customer experiences at lower cost

Project Management 
Deliver your IT & Business projects on time, within budget and according to project goals.

Quote to Cash 
Transform exceptional proposals and customer experiences into new performances and cash reliably and efficiently
Sales Order Processing 
Manage the gaps to ensure customer satisfaction as well as efficient and governed sales order processing
Timesheet Automation 

Digital or automated management of timesheets for integration with payroll ie project or shifts. 

How we can help?

Konica Minolta specialise in helping organisations digitise, transform and automate processes across their operations to achieve new business performances and control as well as exceptional customer experiences. 

We partner with the leading technology providers for digital process management and combine that with expert teams and a structured approach for partnering and transforming customers operations from initial discovery through to implementation and a transition to a new Business-As-Usual.

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