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Real Business Change Needs to Planned & Project Managed

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations of all sizes are embracing the power of project management as a strategic mechanism to effectively navigate and lead change. Despite the proliferation of project management methodologies, software tools, training resources, and industry standards, many businesses continue to grapple with achieving successful outcomes for their change initiatives and projects.
At its core, project management is the art of orchestrating change to realize specific objectives and deliverables within defined timeframes and budgets. It transcends industries and specializations, encompassing the application of proven processes, expert methods, honed skills, accumulated knowledge, and valuable experience to drive project success. By embracing robust project management practices, businesses can confidently steer through the complexities of change while optimizing their path to achievement.

Navigate change adeptly with strategic project management solutions

Bridge success gaps despite diverse methodologies, tools, and standards

Apply skills, processes, and experience for seamless project achievement

Why Konica Minolta for Project Management?

When to use a Project Management Approach

Project Management is commonly used to effect some change with a clearly defined goal and end date.  Managed Projects are widely used in both the private and public sector across a wider range of circumstances including:

  • To produce something new (technology, product, service, approach etc) or altered (process, system , organisation, structure, system change request, etc)
  • To achieve a certain objective with a clear start and finish
  • Manage some form of change
  • Manage complexity in people, process or systems

If you have business or IT change that you need to affect – we can provide Project Management services to manage the project from start to BAU.

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What are the different approaches and frameworks for Project Management

There’s quite a few frameworks and methodologies for project management. Some are used in certain industries or to manage certain projects or aspects of a project. Some are used alongside other PM approaches.

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Typical Project Management stages

The stages of a project are ultimately determined and will vary by the nature of the project and the methodology used. The Association of Project Management states that projects generally will involve 5 principal stages


Project conception, Umbrella objective, business case and justification, Team lead


Detailed requirements & planning – ie Scope, budget, detailed schedules (ie Gantt), roles & responsibilities, Risk management, Monitoring & controls, constraints, methodology, communication plan

Launch & Executing

Prior to go live establish clear mechanism for status & tracking, KPIs, Quality measurement and forecasts. Each person or group involve is clear of tasks and criteria

Monitoring & Controlling

Active measuring of performance vs KPI, objectives, Quality assurance mechanisms and reporting. Milestone reporting


Approved end of project, transition or not to BAU, final review/ lesson learnt


Konica Minolta provide a range of Project Management Services & Solutions to help you get your projects delivered on track and within budget.

Project Managers for any kind of Project

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