M-Files Intelligent Information Management Solution

Ensure the efficiency and productivity of your team, no matter where they are

In today’s competitive business climate, the key is to identify the data that is useful so that we can make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. Under such testing conditions, it is crucial that organisations of all kinds optimise and increase the efficiency and productivity of their business processes continuously if they are to remain a step ahead of their competitors.

Deploying an intelligent information management system allows organisations to benefit from the quality, integrity, and accuracy of their critical information. Information management can also be used as a means of controlling risk, guaranteeing compliance, enabling consistent workflows and operating procedures, and harmonizing processes.

Our solution helps you:

  • Find your information fast by letting you reach informed decisions based on your company’s latest data 
  • Access any relevant data across a range of different repositories using a single platform
  • Cut your costs by offering fast access to this company-relevant data
  • Increases your company’s productivity by creating accelerated, transparent workflows
  • Promote interdepartmental collaboration
  • Increase your ROI

Managing Documents on the move

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M-Files Overview

M-Files enterprise information management solutions improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, more efficient and stay compliant. Find, share, and secure documents and information quickly and easily with M-Files -- even in the most demanding, compliance-driven industries.

Key Features

Unlike traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, M-Files lets organisations manage their content and information irrespective of whether that information is located within M-Files itself or other business systems or repositories.

Users of the system benefit from the powerful tools it offers for finding, editing, sharing and organising content and information, as well as the advantages artificial intelligence can offer in automating some of the key office processes.



WorkplaceHub Feature Icon Admin Dashboard

Metadata-driven (what vs where)

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Services

Can be deployed flexibly in a cloud, on your business premises, or in a hybrid format

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Infrastructure

Simple, yet highly configurable to ensure all business processes are supported

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Can be accessed on all devices

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon Admin Dashboard

Offer automatic updates

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Services

Available in cloud, on-site and hybrid versions

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon IT Infrastructure

Meet compliance standards, with all data backed up using a comprehensive authorization concept

WorkplaceHub Feature Icon User Dashboard

Offer audit-proof archiving subject to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

M-File Brochure

Discover M-File M-Files, enterprise information management solution.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Better system for continuous planning, implementation and documentation for Nordland Betong

Nordland Betong is one of northern Norway's biggest manufacturers of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products, with annual net sales of over GBP 14 million and 25 employees. They chose M-Files from Konica Minolta because they wanted a smart solution to a complex challenge involving documentation. Find out how the implementation of a smart solution helped contribute to a consistent production quality for Nordland Betong.

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Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas and Konica Minolta

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