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A new way to pay and manage your print costs

Konica Minolta’s One Rate is a new and unique approach to paying and managing print costs.  


Simply put - It is a fixed monthly fee that covers all your printing and scanning with no hidden fees, no surprises, and no hassles. 

Say Goodbye To

Unpredictable printing usage costs

Yearly above inflation price escalators & other hidden costs

Complex billing and contracts

Manual meter read submissions 

Long Downtime and callout times for fixes

Hassles that cost your business time & money 

Say Hello To Konica Minolta's OneRate!


Konica Minolta’s One Rate is a single fixed monthly charge that covers   

All your prints, scans and consumables  

The latest technology and solutions to suit your needs 

And World class nationwide technical support and even expert virtual visits in minutes  

Parts and maintenance 

All without the nasty surprises, annual price escalators, hidden costs, billing issues​

No meter submissions nor consumables ordering

Beat inflation and increase cost predictability with OneRate

One Rate is not the normal usage-based pricing model, so you don't pay for every printed page. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee that covers all your printing and scanning needs.  


Its simple, transparent, and predictable. 

Why Choose Konica Minolta's OneRate



Britannia Hotels

Britannia Hotels' printer fleet, inconsistent and unsuitable for their needs, led to high operating costs and inventory issues due to various models requiring different consumables. The company sought a cost-effective, reliable, and manageable printing solution to enhance productivity, increase staff efficiency, and alleviate the IT department's workload.

Boulting Group

The Boulting Group's legacy print and scanning solution was expensive, unreliable and time consuming for staff. They wanted a print solution that would give them visibility and control over performance and costs in order to streamline processes. Key objectives included reducing waste and improving document security.

Horwich Farrelly

Horwich Farrelly was experiencing problems with both the speed and reliability of its legacy print devices. Moreover, the legal firm was paying too much for a print infrastructure that was not fit for purpose. The organisation needed to better understand its print requirements, and was looking for a solution that would deliver valuable insight through in-depth reporting.

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