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Looking to maximise Productivity Within Your IT Team? We can help with Reliable Managed IT Services 


Konica Minolta's portfolio of IT managed services can target areas of your IT to minimise the occurrence of repeated issues and enhance the efficiency of your IT operation. By supporting your IT operation your business can focus on more strategic IT, drive innovation, and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. 

Why choose Konica Minolta for managed IT services? 

Resolve recurring IT issues
with proactive management, monitoring, patching, updates, and more. 

Increased security 

We deliver a high degree of protection by ensuring suitable security protocols for your network and data by putting it the hands of our expert team to protect your business



Receive personalised attention 
with our strategic partnership programme and dedicated account management. 

Why We Are a Leader Among Managed Services Providers

Benefits Of Our Managed IT Services

Enhanced security and compliance

Predictable and controlled costs.

Improved system uptime and reliability

Access to advanced IT expertise

Increased scalability and flexibility

Proactive issue identification and resolution

Features of Our Managed IT Services 

Is the background Admin getting the better of your IT Team? We can take care of the heavy lifting with Infrastructure Management & Maintenance

Infrastructure Management and Maintenance is a vital, time consuming aspect of any organisation's IT ecosystem. With the constant evolution of technology, it's imperative to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date and functioning optimally.  

Managed IT services can provide expert assistance in managing your IT infrastructure, ensuring it remains resilient, efficient, and reliable and compliant.  

Outsourcing your infrastructure management and maintenance to a professional service provider can provide numerous benefits to your business, including: 

  • Improved System Availability 

  • Enhanced Security  

  • Reduced Downtime 

  • And more  

Freeing up your IT resources to focus on strategic IT and innovation.

Find out how to best apply Microsoft services to your business with Microsoft Management & Support

Microsoft Management & Support is an essential service for businesses that rely on Microsoft software and applications to operate efficiently. Our Managed Microsoft 365 can provide a comprehensive range of Microsoft related services, from planning and deployment to maintenance and support.  

With our Managed Microsoft 365 you will benefit from: 

  • Increased efficiency: Optimise Microsoft licensing, remote working performance, reduce downtime, and boost productivity with Managed Microsoft 365. 

  • Cost savings: Get exclusive benefits and cost savings from Managed Microsoft 365 service through our global Microsoft partnership. 

  • Enhanced security: Get access to Microsoft security experts to help mitigate security risks and protect against threats. 

Find out how our Cloud Services can provide you with the necessary expertise and tools to help your business maximize its benefits

Our managed cloud solutions provide businesses with reliable, scalable, and secure cloud-based network management, including our own dedicated data centres and Azure cloud managed services.  We provide secure cloud migration, and data processing for you to outsource your cloud data management so you can focus on your core operations, while we handle the rest. 

  • Reliable and scalable: Managed cloud solutions ensure secure cloud-based network management that scales with your business needs. 

  • Focus on core operations: Outsource your cloud IT to experts that can manage your cloud environment to ensure cost efficient performance, so you can focus on your core operations. 

  • Cloud migration expertise: Experienced professionals can seamlessly migrate your business to the cloud, or to a more suitable new cloud solution.

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Managed IT Services enable you to outsource some, or all your business IT needs to an expert provider to reduce costs, improve the service quality, or to free up your internal teams

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