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We can transform your IT operations with our optimised managed cloud services. 

Welcome to our Managed Cloud Services page, designed to assist small to medium sized companies with their cloud-based needs. Our managed cloud solutions are tailored to provide a reliable and secure cloud-based network management system. Our services include managed private cloud hosting, managed cloud hosting, and hybrid cloud services.  

Konica Minolta has developed a robust cloud infrastructure platform called KM Cloud that is backed by over 20 years of experience in offering hosting services. Our platform utilizes our own data centers to provide our customers with high-performance and cost-effective cloud services. We have designed KM Cloud to simplify the cloud experience for our customers by minimizing complexity. Our platform has been operational for five years and has been trusted by both private and public sector clients across Europe. 

Our area of expertise extends to Azure cloud managed services, where we offer a complete suite of services for cloud management. As a prominent managed cloud services provider, our team of Azure Cloud specialists provides professional services and IT service management that enables you to concentrate on more critical aspects of your IT strategy. 

Our extensive portfolio provides a range of managed cloud solutions to help you address your unique IT challenges. 

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Efficient Cloud Based IT Service Management

Why We Are a Leader Among Managed Cloud Services

Benefits Of Our Managed Cloud Services

Rapid deployment of cloud resources

Scalability and elasticity of resources

Reduced need for in-house IT staff

Automatic software updates and patching

Increased accessibility and mobility

Improved disaster recovery and business continuity

Features of Our Managed Cloud Services 

Find out how to streamline Your IT Operations with Expert Managed Cloud Hosting

Our managed cloud services come with a range of benefits, including our proficiency in managed cloud hosting. By entrusting your cloud hosting requirements to our team, you'll have secure and dependable access to your data and applications. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select your preferred support level, reducing your dependence on your internal IT team. Our optimised managed cloud solutions aid in streamlining your IT operations, allowing you to concentrate on other vital aspects of your IT strategy. 


With our expertise in managed private cloud hosting, we're able to offer a range of benefits that will help optimize your cloud-based operations. 


  • Expert Managed Private Cloud Hosting 

  • Streamlined IT Operations 

  • Efficient Cloud-Based IT Service Management 

  • Reliable and Secure Cloud Hosting 

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Our IT Consulting & Professional Services

Collaborating with Konica Minolta for your Cloud Based Solutions also offers the advantage of tapping into our team of experienced Cloud and IT Specialists. Our specialists can align with your business's strategic goals and provide guidance and assistance to your IT department, enabling your business to leverage the benefits of IT Innovation and stay ahead of the competition. 

  • Cloud Consulting, Professional Services and Support 

  • Network Consulting, Professional Services and Support 

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting, Professional Services and Support

Need help to optimize Your Cloud-Based Operations with Azure Cloud Management Services?

In addition to our managed cloud services, we offer Azure services for cloud management, enabling you to leverage the latest Azure cloud managed services from Microsoft. Our experienced team can assist you in utilizing the entire range of Azure cloud management tools to enhance your cloud-based operations. We'll collaborate with you to develop a personalized Azure cloud management plan that meets your specific business requirements, regardless of whether you're migrating to Azure or already using it. Our team possesses the necessary tools and expertise to provide dependable cloud hosting and efficient cloud-based IT service management to meet your needs. 

  • Access to Latest Azure Cloud Managed Consulting, Professional Services and Support 

  • Customized Azure Cloud Management Plans 

  • Experienced Azure Cloud Migration and Transition  

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The business has a team of 17 employees that require secure but easy access to their IT systems. It was looking for a powerful but flexible centralised IT system that always remains up to date, to replace its previous on-premises solution that did not live up to expectations or meet its evolving needs.

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Managed IT Services enable you to outsource some, or all your business IT needs to an expert provider to reduce costs, improve the service quality, or to free up your internal teams


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