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The Big Issue embrace KM's Augmented Reality

Working together, The Big Issue and Konica Minolta have shone a fresh light on UK homelessness, offering readers a new way to access exclusive content in the magazine, through the use of Konica Minolta’s augmented reality (AR) app, genARate.




Augmented Reality


6,000 clicks to video content

1,200 interactions with images


Oliver Waddington-Ball, Head of Custom Content and Partnerships at The Big Issue said: “In some ways, technology has actually been a barrier to the crucial emotional connection and value exchange, and it has definitely made our vendors’ ability to attract peoples’ attention much harder,".
The organisation is always looking at new innovative ways to challenge misconceptions around its business model and reinforce its key messages and was keen to work with Konica Minolta to find a new way to use technology to innovate and extend the values and philosophy of The Big Issue.


The goal of the partnership is to provide enriched content for readers, improve the lives of vendors through increased sales, and ultimately dismantle the social stigma and common misconceptions around The Big
Issue vendors. “The ‘Tech for Good’ special sponsored by Konica Minolta, was designed to recognise the increasingly important part that science and technology is playing in the fabric of our society, and how AR can
support a social enterprise like The Big Issue,”. 
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With AR, we have truly pushed the boundaries of what print magazines can achieve. The real value add has been the ability to give readers enhanced insights into the lives of our vendors, as their stories come to life right in front of their eyes

Oliver Waddington-Ball

Head of Custom Content and Partnerships, The Big Issue

How we helped The Big issue with AR

“The partnership will ultimately help The Big Issue converge its vital print-based business model with new and innovative digital content, extending its audience reach and its impact in an everevolving media landscape.”

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Augmented Vision

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The modern workplace has been changing rapidly in recent years and right before our eyes. Although technology is omnipresent (both in our everyday lives and work), sometimes the abundance of information we experience is still not presented to us in the correct context. However with technology developing so rapidly, new opportunities are presenting themselves.