Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas

Konica Minolta uses the full potential of digitisation for the document archiving process of Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas

Telemark Toppidrett Gymnas is a private secondary school that paves the way for students wanting to focus on elite sports while also obtaining comprehensive secondary education. With net sales of more than GPB 3 million and around 50 employees, this is in many ways a typical Norwegian medium-sized enterprise.




Intelligent Information Management Solution


Scanning process was already implemented but the potential was not effectively used enough. There was a need of a more extensive archive system (too many manual stages so far) that could meet their requirements and automate routine work linked with the actual digitisation of documents. Finally the need to take the EU’s GDPR Directive into account.


Implementation of the archive system M-Files: scanning of hardcopy documents directly into the archive system, all further work on documents takes place in a controlled digital process from there.

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