Superfast Labels ramps up the pace with Konica Minolta’s AccurioLabel 230

When Superfast Labels encountered a serious capacity issue in its established digital label production due to continued growth, the company turned to Konica Minolta to find a solution that would slot in seamlessly and increase efficiencies. Superfast had reached full capacity on its three inkjet presses and was looking to replace one of them with a faster machine with equal reliability, ease of use and robustness that would also fit into the existing factory space. The solution came in the form of the AccurioLabel 230, which has now been installed at the company’s Sittingbourne facility.


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AccurioLabel 230


Superfast has become a ‘victim’ of its own success and is known for its highly agile operation and ultra-fast delivery of labels.

Towards the end of 2019, Superfast Labels had reached maximum capacity on the three inkjet presses and it was becoming increasingly difficult to deliver on that promise. “We had to find a machine that could take on the overflow and power through some of the mid and longer length jobs,” explains Andrew. “And we needed a reliable workhorse that could replace the oldest of our inkjet presses and literally fit into the same slot. We also wanted a machine that could be up and running almost from day one and give us more speed and flexibility.”


With such specific needs, the Superfast team didn’t take long to realise that the Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 ticked all the boxes and furthermore came at the right investment level. Successful print trials at Konica Minolta’s UK showroom in Sutton-in-Ashfield and a visit to an existing customer confirmed the decision.

The new partnership with Konica Minolta is set for success. “The team at Superfast are already experts in industrial digital label printing, so they knew exactly what they wanted and the AccurioLabel fits perfectly with their existing workflow,” comments Steve Lakin, Label Press Sales Consultant at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK). “This proves that it isn’t just a label press for new entrants into digital, it’s a robust and reliable machine that holds its own against any of the high-end presses.”

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We have already printed 40,000 metres, or 2.3 million labels, on the new KM press with no issues. The average job length is 130 metres and that takes only a few minutes on press.

Andrew Miller

Managing Director, Superfast Labels

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