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Label Printing. Making your mark in high definition

Thanks to advances in technology you can now even scan and capture labels digitally on your mobile phone

That’s why you need to move to a digital label printing press to cater for the ever-changing needs and behavioural patterns of your customer.

The benefits of using a Konica Minolta digital label press are almost limitless. It will help you to cut down or eliminate your label warehousing. It also allows you to bring your product to market quicker with its just-in-time production and short-run proofing.


Another key advantage of using a digital label printing press is seamless workflow, which is essential for digital label production. It will also help you to minimise mistakes and paperwork as well as speed up your response times.


Best of all you can save money and do your bit for the planet by dispensing with printing plates and platemaking materials or chemicals, as well as reducing your print wastage. 


The essential role of Labels

While the continuously-evolving Covid-19 situation has presented new and unprecedented challenges, labels will continue to play a significant role in the whole global manufacturing, supply and usage chain.

Labels are part of the supply chains of basic necessities and provide a vital tool to convey information. Anything from everyday consumer items such as food, drink and household products, as well as providing essential health information. Size or weight, ingredients, traceability or general instructions – the label is crucial.

Label Printing

Label Printing

How digital printing is transforming label printing

Technological advances in digital printing are revolutionising label printing. Here’s why you should buy into digital printing and how to plan for that investment decision.

Thanks to our easy-to-use, quality software and hardware, you can benefit from Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art digital label printing press technology in a seamless transition across from your existing system.

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Label Printing Hardware

Konica Minolta’s digital label printing press gives you the ultimate in digital print production performance, helping you to open up a new world of markets and possibilities.

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Konica Minolta software

Here’s how our software can help you to improve your business. We will match different working styles and give you the best software solution to meet your needs.

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Always at your Service

Our extensive range of services to make sure you are getting the most from our hardware and software solutions.

All you need to know about digital label printing

The Konica Minolta digital label printing press will help you to give your customers a highly-personalised product with shorter run lengths and more flexible delivery times. It will also make the production process easier for you and lower your running costs. The benefits are:



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Colours are processed at a resolution of 1,200 dpi x 8 bit with 256 gradations expressed in 1 pixel

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Image density control technology

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No pre-coating of media required

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Operation is intuitive by following on-screen instructions; no need for extensive user training

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Per-minute speeds of 23.4 m, 18.9 m, 13.5 m and 9.45 m can be selected to match the media used

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Simitri® HD E toner technology

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Tasks such as colour adjustments that are highly time-consuming on analogue now take seconds

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The 3-dimensional hybrid structure that incorporates functional polymers provides high performance for all media types

Rethink Label Printing with AccurioLabel 230

The benefits of digital label printing are clear: fast turnaround, no plate-making, high profitability, skill-less operation, just to name a few...You would like to see the AccurioLabel 230 in action?

Quality that shines through

Using Konica Minolta’s digital label press you can print on almost any material from glossy or matt adhesive sticker paper to YUPO, PET and PP. To see the quality of finish try out a sample kit.

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label samples

Label Customer Showcase

Take a look at our showcase brochure which demonstrates a number of our label customers in the UK, from testimonials to full case studies, the showcase brochure provides you will all of the information you need – directly from our customers.


Coronavirus lockdown impact on Label Printing

Download our facts & figures to discover how much Label Printing has been impacted during Coronavirus Lockdown on our AccurioLabel presses across Europe.

Coronavirus Facts and Figures

Soabar triples digital label production during COVID-19 crisis

Key supplier’ Soabar has concentrated production predominantly within the pharmaceutical, hygiene and food sectors since the Covid-19 outbreak. “We have seen demand for digital labels go through the roof, and if it wasn’t for the Konica Minolta machines, we would have struggled to support our customers," says managing director Phil Achurch. Learn more about Soabar's journey and how Konica Minolta supported them with stepping into digital label production.

Full case study

Success Stories

Success Stories
Label Tec  and Konica Minolta

Label Tec Continues Close Partnership with Konica Minolta

“We’ve been working with Konica Minolta for many, many years, printing great labels on their machines. It just works for us” Says Paul Dunne, Managing Director at Label Tec

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Superfast and Konica Minolta

Superfast Labels Increase Efficiencies with AccurioLabel 230

"Once the AccurioLabel was in place, we did a few tests then went on our holiday’s safe in the knowledge that we had found the right fit.” Says Andrew Miller, Managing Director at Superfast Labels

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Discover how Konica Minolta's Label Printing solutions help businesses around the world, by facilitating their day to day operations and cutting costs.

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