Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Cutting their reporting time from 1.5 days to just 6 minutes

We delivered an agile automation platform that enabled the Internet Service Provider to slash the time it took to provide clients with service level reports.




Intelligent Automation

6 minutes

Reduced reporting time


Execution accuracy


Increase in productivity


The company was required to deliver service level reporting to clients in their environment. But the process was both time and resource intensive. Employees had to access multiple system, manipulate data, select key information and then format it into relevant documents. The time it took to deliver customer service reports was preventing the company from reaching key service levels within its growth strategy.

With strategic growth plans under threat, the company realised it required new technology to intelligently automate processes that would enable it to expand its services offer without increasing costs.


By using Intelligent Automation to automate the reporting process it would remove the requirement for employees to manually access and evaluate multiple systems. Instead a virtual worker quickly and accurately performs each step. Our Intelligent Automation team worked with the business to enhance its customers experience by building a web portal where clients could access up-to-date reports on-demand.

Follwing this, the time it takes to produce clients' service level reports has been slashed from 1.5 days to 6 minutes. Freeing up valuable company resources and allowed staff to focus on strategic business issues. And they have 100% execution accuracy improving their service quality and a 300% increase in productivity.
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By providing virtual workers, execution time was greatly reduced from 1.5 days to produce a report in 6 minutes


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Intelligent Automation

Boost your performance in weeks, not years

Unlock the true potential of your workforce and free up the time they spend on manual and repetitive tasks. Allow your people to focus on the more creative and complex problems facing your organisation. An intelligent automation solution can provide you with new levels of efficiency and performance. And even open up new revenue streams and improved customer experience.