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Helping your business to reach its full potential with intelligent automation

Unlock the true potential of your workforce and free up the time they spend on manual and repetitive tasks. Allow your people to focus on the more creative and complex problems facing your organisation. An intelligent automation solution can provide you with new levels of efficiency and performance. And even open up new revenue streams and improved customer experience.

A new form of automation is available to organisations like yours, leveraging software robots. This makes it a more powerful tool than previous versions. You can now simplify the automation of manual tasks and processes that are holding you back. This includes tasks such as gathering, extracting, transferring, comparing, calculating, reporting or monitoring. 

Intelligent automation goes well beyond delivering your business growth through cost savings. It helps you to bring new services to market, improve customer levels and even uncover new insights. It will turn your manual reports into live and dynamic dashboards. This creates the space for your employees to truly add value, by allowing them to focus on strategic projects.

It removes complexity and barriers, giving you greater control through easy integration with your existing systems. You will have new opportunities for business intelligence, management control and governance compliance. 

According to Sutherland and HfS Research, organisations with rules-based processes using intelligent automation saw between a 55%-65% savings for onshore operations and 25%-35% for offshore operations. So why wouldn't you implement it?

Some key features of Konica Minolta's intelligent automation solution include:

  • Costs less than a full-time employee and processes up to 20 times faster 
  • Doesn’t make mistakes 
  • Works 24/7/365 
  • Can be implemented & trained in days
  • Handles peaks & troughs without issue
  • Ability to start small and scale up
  • Works alongside existing IT & business processes

Webinar: Automating your AP process with intelligent technology

Philippe Chapel, Group Product Manager at Konica Minolta, discusses the benefits of using intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics process automation and machine learning.

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