Konica Minolta transform the way Homebase communicates with colleagues and customers

Founded in 1979, Homebase is one of the UK’s leading home improvement and garden retailers. The company operates over 180 stores across the UK and Ireland, employing in excess of 8,000 people throughout its store estate, distribution centres and support offices.




123 - Text


After spending over a decade as a part of the Home Retail Group, Homebase was bought out by the Australian retailer Wesfarmers in 2016. During the ten-year period as a part of the Home Retail Group, Homebase shared elements of their IT infrastructure with other group members such as Argos. The 2016 buyout therefore brought about a need for Homebase to make certain changes to their IT infrastructure, creating an opportunity to review their existing systems and processes.


With access to 123-txt’s wide range of APIs, Homebase were able to set up automated application-to-person SMS messaging to provide a series of personalised notifications and reminders to customers as part of their reservation and collection system.

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One of those systems that can be relied upon to sit in the background and just work. Once it’s set up and configured you no longer need to worry about it.

Darrin Knowles

IT Operations Manager at Homebase

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