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As a leading provider of packaging and pallet-wrapping solutions, Hazel 4D is focused on delivering exceptional customer support. With a growth in business and evolution in its customer support needs, the company wanted to expand its team rapidly by finding the right skilled people, whilst also reducing costs.To achieve this, Hazel 4D turned to the expert people resourcing team at Konica Minolta to find the right solution to fit its criteria. Having located the ideal candidates from the supplied specification, Konica Minolta ensured all the onboarding requirements were met and delivered on all of Hazel 4D’s requirements. It was so impressed with the results, that the company is now looking at the options of expanding the team further.






Hazel 4D was introduced to Konica Minolta as it wanted to outsource its back-office customer service team to rapidly grow the resource, whilst also reducing costs. Empowering customers is at the heart of its brand ethos and ensuring it maintains excellent customer service is essential, so it needed the right help to achieve this.


Hazel 4D was very impressed with the calibre of candidates that Konica Minolta was able to source and initially started with a flexible contract for two agents based in Bulgaria. Initially the agents were employed to handle all customer reconciliation but have an expanding role and are closely aligned with the sales team who were based back in the UK. The company is very happy with how the agents have integrated with its UK team. Hazel 4D is able to manage them without issue and has been impressed by the quality of communication and dedication to the job.

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