Druckpartner Druck- und Medienhaus is a highly successful print provider that has developed into new markets by embracing the latest technology advances. Founded more than 40 years ago as a book and offset printer, the company has grown steadily and has considerably expanded its range of services. Its turnover is now over €20million.


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MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution


Druckpartner was looking for different ways of marketing itself to an increasingly important customer base for its business, namely marketing and advertising companies. Sending specific samples with variable data, including foiling, and providing a great emotional experience was identified as an important way to target this specific audience. The prospect of investing in technology to provide specialist effects became an important strategic initiative to win new customers. It was an important new marketing tool to open new business doors.


After a thorough evaluation, Druckpartner chose Konica Minolta strategic partner MGI’s JETvarnish 3D Evolution high-end B1 spot UV varnishing and foiling device. Crucial was the machine’s ability to create attractive print products that are more vivid and tactile. It provides an easy way to spot coat digital and offset prints, highlight defined areas or add tactile 3D effects. Glamorous effects become possible when combined with the inline hot foiling module.

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The MGI JV3D Evolution is an important new business driver and has set us apart big time from other companies. There is hardly any competition. And now we’ve brought in-house a lot of work ourselves that speeds up the logistics by around two days per job.

Gerd Florian

Production Manager, Druckpartner

Digital varnish technology is revolutionsing the printing industry.

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