Transform and enhance your printing with digital varnish technology

Embellishment. Improving your finishing touch

Digital varnish technology is revolutionsing the printing industry.

With Konica Minolta’s new digital print embellishment technique the possibilities of what you can create are almost endless

Konica Minolta’s MGI JetVarnish technology can be used for printing on everything from books and business cards to packaging and point of sale materials. It allows you to produce ultra-precise spot coatings, highlight defined areas and add 3D effects, and handle digital or offset originals in long or short runs.

Because of its flexibility, you can add these embellishments inline on selected digital production presses or offline using dedicated print enhancement solutions.

Konica Minolta’s digital print embellishment enables you to create sensory artwork using a range of different finishes. That will help you to enhance your print products and give your customers a better brand experience.

Print Embellishment

Print Embellishment

Improving your creativity and profitability

Konica Minolta’s new method of offline spot UV coating lets you spot varnish all of your digital prints. You can also add spectacular 3D embossed effects to create a top quality image. This will give your customers a more vivid and tactile experience and increase the possibility of new business.


Faced with an increasingly competitive market, online printers Solopress [link to case study] decided to bring its embellishment printing in-house in order to be able to differentiate itself. So it bought a Konica Minolta MGI JetVarnish 3DS with iFOIL S to meet a wider range of its customers’ needs and add value to its proposition. Now the company can provide digital varnishing, foiling and tactile effects, on short runs and cost-effectively.  

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MGI Technology

Konica Minolta’s digital print spot UV coater helps you to enhance the quality of your product and make it distinct from the competition. Because of its flexibility it can be used on both offset and digital printers. Its innovative new system is designed to grow with your business and fit your production set-up.

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Konica Minolta software

Here’s how our software can help you to improve your business. We will match different working styles and give you the best software solution to meet your needs.

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Always at your service

Our extensive range of services to make sure you are getting the most from our hardware and software solutions.

What you need to know about digital print embellishment

The Konica Minolta MGI JetVarnish digital print solution gives your customers new ways to make their products and services more profitable. It also helps you to add value to your existing products, enabling you to attract new customers.



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Varnishes digital and offset prints

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AIS SmartScanner feature

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High productivity

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Beautiful 3D embossed effects, creating premium image and luxurious tactile finish

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Konica Minolta print heads

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Production cost analyser, software suite and HubManager

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Variable data varnishing & foiling

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Eye-catching 3D effects

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Digitalisation of spot UV finishing

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Use of LEDs to reduce low power consumption

Success Stories

Success Stories
72/78 and Konica Minolta

72/78 enables customers to grow with MGI JETVARNISH 3DS investment

72/78 is always on the look-out for new innovative solutions to enhance its range of services and grow its business. So, when it saw what was possible with the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS, it knew the investment would perfectly complement its business. The enhanced effects at a reasonable cost soon captured the attention of customers and orders were placed straight away.

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Solopress case study banner

Solopress shines with investment in Konica Minolta's MGI JetVarnish 3DS

At Solopress, the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS will initially be adding spot UV varnish, tactile effects and foiling to business cards, leaflets and brochures produced on all the company’s various printing presses, before the capabilities are rolled out to more applications.

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Discover how Konica Minolta's Print Embellishment solutions help businesses around the world, by facilitating their day to day operations and cutting costs.

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