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Britannia Hotels

Britannia Hotels

Konica Minolta innovates and improves customer service offering for Britannia Hotels and Pontins

Britannia Hotels are a British hotel group with 61 hotels across the country. In early 2011, Britannia Hotels acquired Pontins, a staple of British coastal holiday making since its founding in 1946. With half a dozen holiday parks dotted around the British coast, Pontins specialises in catering for families and groups with high value for money chalets and rooms.  


123 - Text




With a continuous focus on making improvements to the quality of experience for their customers, Pontins were looking to SMS as a way to provide guests with key information such as booking confirmations in an easy and convenient way.


By utilising 123-txt’s wide range of APIs, Pontins were able to set up automated application-to-person SMS messaging to provide personalised confirmation messages and other notifications as part of their reservation system, PEARS. This meant that quality of service was improved whilst simultaneously freeing up time for staff.
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We are excited to see how Pontins will continue to use SMS to further innovate and improve their already excellent customer service offering.

Karen Pownall

Head of Group IT, Projects & Compliance at Britannia Hotels

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