Auditing Firm Adopts Secure and Efficient Cloud-Based Server Solution and Support

Cloud-based environment with full remote access and customer portal, with all the associated support including security and back-up. ISO27017 compliant.




Cloud-based environment with full remote access and customer portal, with all the associated support including security and back-up. ISO27017 compliant.


The business has a team of 17 employees that require secure but easy access to their IT systems. It was looking for a powerful but flexible centralised IT system that always remains up to date, to replace its previous on-premises solution that did not live up to expectations or meet its evolving needs. 

The audit firm sought the provision of a new IT infrastructure that meets the highest security and reliability requirements, while enabling remote work with seamless access to a high number of dedicated, specialist auditing applications, and to unburden the team of administrative IT tasks whilst increasing efficiency.

To investigate the possibilities and to find the best replacement solution, the auditing firm turned to Konica Minolta’s trusted expert IT team. management team contacted 
Konica Minolta for assistance in finding and implementing the right replacement solutions.


Having thoroughly assessed the IT and business needs of the company, Konica Minolta specified and installed a highly robust cloudbased server solution. Highly secure and efficient, this is hosted and run from Konica Minolta’s security data centre. The solution 
ensures maximum reliability and access from anywhere. Backups are performed automatically and periodically, minimising the threat of any data loss.

The auditing firm now has a fully up to date server environment, which is paramount in terms of security as well as adding new or additional functionality. 

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