Konica Minolta simplifies and automates the barcode process for Astrup

Astrup AS is Norway’s leading supplier of metals and plastic semi-finished products. Their state-of-the-art automated storage solution ensures gentle, automatic picking of sheets and long goods. With more than 3000 pallet locations, the Astrup automated storage solution is one of the biggest facilities in Scandinavia. They currently have 100 employees, and net sales amount to around GBP 57 million a year. For a supplier of modern production materials, efficient, high-quality management of certificates is crucial. Full digitisation has resulted in a number of positive effects for materials wholesaler Astrup AS.




Intelligent Information Management Solution


Printing of barcode labels that were stuck onto the material and the certificate and full digitisation of the barcode process: read the barcode automatically.


Implementation of M-Files: receiving an order M-Files identifies the documents and differentiates between certificates, packing slips etc. Generating a digital stamp or labelling of the PDF which is a kind of barcode that is applied to the document digitally.

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