| 12 July 2021

90% of the IT environments we tested last year, whether managed in-house or by a Managed Service Provider, had serious data and IT vulnerabilities, ultimately exposing those businesses to serious risks.

“Whilst digital workplaces are powering the future of work and unlocking new possibilities, the reality is that IT and Data management issues as well as vulnerabilities are exposing these businesses to greater risks than ever before”

Particularly for smaller businesses, gaps in essential IT management are commonplace - from shadow IT and missing critical security patches through to failing anti-virus protection and back-ups. Furthermore, almost all IT environments we tested last year had sensitive payment and personal data stored in an unsecured fashion – all despite the assurances to the contrary as well as the associated risks and regulations concerning such data.

In 95% of cases where we found issues, management teams were completely unaware of the vulnerabilities and risks to their business. Entire business operations and workforces could easily grind to a halt in the event of an IT failure or data breach - such is the dependency on IT and data today. If IT or data can’t be recovered, then the damage can be permanent threatening the existence of a business. This is before the consequences of any regulatory penalties or lost business due damaged customer reputations.
That is why we developed a no-obligation and free of charge IT Health Check assessment to help customers to understand their IT and data risks and receive expert recommendations to address any issues found - ultimately protecting their business, operations and customers.


The IT Health Check is much more than a consultation – it is a formal, data-driven assessment of an organisation's IT environment, IT health and data compliance. Every assessment is carried out by certified IT expert and includes a virtual or face to face meeting where issues and recommendations are explained and can be discussed.  What’s more, its completely free of charge.
The assessment is a 360-degree analysis of your IT across devices, networks and cloud environments, operating systems, applications, data and user activity. It covers all aspects of IT status and essential health from critical software updates, anti-virus status, performance and vulnerabilities checks through to Back-up status and top 10 critical events analysis. We can also include a scan for financial & personal data compliance risks and can tailor an assessment to meet specific requirements. Find out more here.

At the end of the assessment, an accredited IT analyst interprets the data. Where vulnerabilities or risks are found, we will highlight them and explain how customers can address them to protect their business.

  1. Get in contact – Speak to your Account Manager or fill the form below to schedule an online IT health check pre-assessment with one our IT analysts
  2. Preparation & Setup – A dedicated and accredited IT Analyst will be assigned to support you. In the pre-assessment meeting, they will answer any questions, complete the final checks and schedule the assessment itself.
  3. Start the Assessment – On the scheduled date, the IT Analyst will install the assessment tool and start the assessment itself. Whilst results will start to come in immediately, the assessment takes up to 28 days to get the complete picture across all parameters and checks. Over this period, the Analyst will check in with you to provide updates and highlight any immediate concerns.
  4. Results & recommendations. At the end of the assessment the data is interpreted, by the technical consultant and any findings, gaps & recommendations are presented, explained and discussed in a meeting.
  5. What’s next? - It’s your choice In the event we identify any issues, our recommendations will include the offer of either managed or one-off services to address these vulnerabilities. However, there is no obligation to take these and the assessment process can be switched off at any point. The choice is yours.


To discuss your requirements, to ask any questions or to schedule your IT Health check pre-assessment fill the form below. For more information about our IT health check see https://www.konicaminolta.co.uk/en-gb/solutions/it-services/it-health-check.