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Don’t let IT or data risks halt your business

Why not put your IT Infrastructure to the test with our IT Health Check assessment?— It's expert-led, free of charge and without obligation.

​Over 90% of the IT environments we tested last year had serious IT and data vulnerabilities and risks. Despite IT and data being the backbone and lifeblood of almost every business today, UK businesses are simply too exposed to IT failure and data risks. 

IT failures and data losses can easily halt business operations or worse - cause business failure through irreparable reputational damage, regulatory penalties or complete IT failure where data can't be recovered. Unfortunately, many businesses only discover this when it is just too late. That is why we developed the IT Health Check assessment.

Understand and control your IT and data risks before it's too late - Take an IT Health Check assessment

The IT Health Check is a formal assessment that helps businesses and smaller IT teams identify and remove risks associated with their IT and data - risks that ultimately could halt their operations and business. 

Every assessment is completed by a certified IT expert and provides a 360 degree analysis of your IT across devices, network, operating systems, applications, data and user activity. 

The assessment covers all aspects of IT status and health from critical software updates, anti-virus status, performance and vulnerabilities checks through to Back-up status and top 10 critical events analysis. We can also include a scan for financial & personal data compliance risks and can tailor an assessment to meet specific requirements. 

At the end of the assessment, an expert will analyse the data. Where issues are identified, we will highlight them and explain how to address them to protect your business. 

What is covered?

The IT Health Check covers all key aspects of your IT health, security and status across devices, network, operating systems, applications & cloud services, data & user activity including:

• Critical operating system & software update check
• Server & end points security checks i.e. antivirus, status, critical events through to failed login, port vulnerabilities
• Back-up status & recovery management checks
• Check of top 10 most frequent critical events in logs
• Financial & personal data compliance risks check i.e. unencrypted sensitive information
• Hardware vulnerability & performance audit, i.e. CPU or disk space
• Additional assessments can be included on request

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What are the Benefits of an IT Health Check & Data Compliance Assessment?

Discover the true scale and nature of IT and data risks to your business and take action before it's too late.

Take back control of your IT in days – it takes just 30 days for the full assessment to be completed across all parameters and for the recommendations to be compiled.

It’s a 360° assessment of your IT health, resilience & data compliance risks - across infrastructure, users, data, operating systems and software.

You stay in control.  The assessment can be tailored to your requirements and at the end of the assessment, you decide what to do with the recommendations.

There’s no cost nor obligation to purchase our services. 

Get expert recommendations and explanations of risks. The whole assessment process from initial discussion to presentation of results and recommendations is expert-led and data-driven.

What are the IT & Data risks to your business?

Find out now before it is too late.

IT Health Check brochure

Are you confident your IT infrastructure is fit for purpose? Find out with our IT Health Check if you are able to recover quickly, and can ensure your operations won’t be severely impacted or halted permanently in the event of a security breach. Download the brochure to discover what is included and covered in an IT Health Check, the benefits of a health check and the process.

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CASE STUDY - Find out how we helped our customer remove significant IT and data compliance risks

We helped a removal company to identify issues related to their IT network. By highlighting the threats and risks in our IT Health Check, the IT Manager was able to put a business case and address those issues.


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