Recognising IT Superheroes

| 9 August 2018

Recognising IT Superheroes

IT remains crucial to the success of any business, however this function often comes in for a lot of stick despite the heroic advances it makes against a tidal wave of daily demands and challenges. IT organisations face unyielding pressure; they’re tasked with delivering secure, efficient, future-proofed IT environments to sustain, protect and help grow their business and all this can certainly take its toll with team feeling overworked and undervalued.

When combining these copious challenges with over stretched resources and budgets, there comes a point when relying on in-house IT alone can pose a major risk, akin to Thor dropping his hammer or Flash running too fast (yes, that truly is his weakness!).

Enter the IT Superhero!

IT Superheroes have found protection for their businesses and teams by turning Managed Service Providers for help with handling many mundane tasks, providing service desks, infrastructure management, strategy development and more. This means in-house resources have more time to actually breathe and focus on adding value and driving the business forward through digital transformation and other pressing initiatives. This win-win situation is one that continues to grow.

70% Adoption and Growing

At Konica Minolta, we wanted to know how IT leaders and business owners feel about Managed IT Services and what they look for in a trusted provider so we ran a dedicated research study with SMEs in the UK.

With more than 70% of respondents currently using Managed IT Services and 62% of those planning to expand their usage over the next 3 years, clearly there is no shortage of IT Superheroes out there. SMEs now recognise the vital role these third party providers play and how businesses can reap the benefits through access to the latest technology without the capex, the ability to scale services up or down and expand their skill set as required, and so much more.

If you’d like to see more survey results, please download our infographic: Making IT Superheroes.