New research from Konica Minolta and Keypoint Intelligence reveals only a third of UK SMBs have made significant progress in their digital transformation

London, UK | 7 March 2022

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd today revealed the results of a new analysis report on Digital Transformation compiled in association with Keypoint Intelligence. It indicates that remote working now equals data security as the number one business challenge for SMBs in the UK. Despite this, only 7% of organisations consider their digital transformation to be very mature, and 33% have made significant progress.

Stephen Feeley, ITS Category Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd stated, “Concerns over data security are nothing new and rightly preoccupy the minds of many IT directors, but this new report confirms that the astronomical shift towards remote working and the specific requirements for this are now equally of prime concern.”
The UK findings are part of the new report on Digital Transformation Analysis compiled by Keypoint Intelligence on behalf of Konica Minolta. The report has taken a snapshot of opinion from organisations across Europe (including the UK) and encompasses a broad range of private and public sectors, including the likes of IT, financial, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government, legal and education.
Stephen continued, “In the UK, the top IT specific challenge is the limited business capacity and access to skilled resources required to keep up to date with day-to-day IT challenges and new technologies. This is closely linked to the significant upsurge in remote working and demand for skilled IT resources across the UK. Digitalisation of any business or organisation is essential in meeting the demands of the post-pandemic working landscape and this is evidence that it is well recognised by many business leaders.”
Following up closely behind this, UK respondents cited a lack of connectivity between technologies. Again, this reenforces the need for cohesive digitalisation to ensure the IT and data systems of any organisation are positioned to support it in its core operations in whatever working guise is required.
The report also asked responders about the importance of digital transformation, with 84% of those in the UK putting it as either a top priority across their organisation (55%) or a moderate priority (29%). However, progress towards this is still catching up with only 7% confirming they have very mature digital transformation, although 33% claim significant progress and 40% have made some progress in this journey.
Stephen added, “It is encouraging to see that leaders are noticeably taking these business and IT needs very seriously and have made digitalisation a priority for addressing them. Clearly there is still considerable distance to go for many organisations, but it is reassuring to see fundamental change in the way many organisations enable their teams to work and solve these challenges.”

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