Webinar: Rethink Work Document Management M-Files


One of a series of webinars focused on changing how we work long-term and adapt to the 'new normal'. This webinar is specifically for larger organisations and will look at how you can significantly improve how your staff can securely find, manage and share documents across all systems and repositories, whatever systems and applications they use. Especially useful if your workforce is spread across a number of sites, mobile or working remotely.



In this webinar you will discover:

  • how you can better organise your content so it’s easier to find

  • how an intelligent information management system can enable your staff to access documents anytime, anywhere, with any device

  • collaboration can be easier if everyone has access to one common version of a document and can easily share it

  • how you can automate document processes to decrease processing time but increase accuracy

  • that an intelligent information management system can be more secure and make compliance easier


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Mark has worked in information management for over 30 years, with experience in process improvement, workflow, automation and document management.

Mark Eost

Partner Manager, Konica Minolta UK