Webinar: Rethink Work Document Management Filestar


One of a series of webinars focused on changing how we work long-term and adapt to the 'new normal'. This webinar is for smaller organisations or start-ups and will delve into solutions that will enable your teams to quickly and securely scan, archive and access documents.

This may be particularly useful if you have teams that need to access and process paper documents but are working remotely so do not have physical access to those documents. Instead they can be quickly converted to PDF and archived securely in the cloud so your team can easily access and process them, wherever they may be working from.


This session will explore the Filestar document management solution and specifically:

  • how it works

  • why it is so easy to use

  • how it can be quickly deployed to make a difference to the productivity of your teams

  • how it can improve information security and compliance


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Alan has been part of the Konica Minolta team for over 27 years ago. He has spent many of these years working with Document Solutions, mainly as a...

Alan Campbell

Pre-Sales Consultant, Konica Minolta UK