This is Part 2 of our two part webinar series

Session 5:

PaperCut and PaperCut Hive

9th May 2023 @ 10.00am

PaperCut - The leading on-premise solution that enables you to control your costs and environmental impact of your print devices. Providing monitoring and managing of printing across a range of MFPs within your business, easily and effectively. 

PaperCut Hive – A highly advanced Cloud print management solution, PaperCut Hive is based on an innovative cloud-native platform that keeps your printing reliable and fast and your documents local and secure. 

Session 6:

Flexible Outsourcing

22nd May 2023 @ 10.00am

Flexible Outsourcing - Providing dedicated resource as an extension of your existing team, based on the specific job requirements.    Whatever your requirements across customer and business operations, whether skills, task or outcomes – all outsourced services are fully customisable, scalable up and down, versatile and compliant to suit your needs.

Session 7:

Intuitive Dashboards

5th June 2023 @10.00am

Print Management Dashboards - powered by Intuitive B.I. brings the data held within your print management software to life.   Print Management Dashboards make it easy to manage the cost of printing, better understand print demand within your organisation, and communicate the environmental impact of printing.  Pre-configured for PaperCut and SafeQ means this solution is easy and quick to install.